“Gangsta Gurry”, “Guru Gurry” or just Gary is your resident gangsta spiritual prophet(ess). Follow his thoughts and experiences through what Spirit provides for him as he navigates his daily life, allowing his Ancestors and the cosmic energies to guide him, while helping you to fill your soul as you read. As a lightworker and starseed, he writes for the present, past, and future portions of your spirit that need that daily fulfillment, as he allows you to partake in his own spiritual journey. He identifies as clairsentient, meaning he can feel your energy and what it is emanating, allowing him to help guide you to places of clarity in your life that you may not have even sensed at times. You can also see his past and current projects on this site, gain some wisdom from his daily tarot and oracle pulls posted on his Twitter profile and IG profile, and even get your own tarot cards pulled at a low price. Visit the contact page and submit your information in case you would love to have your own reading by him, which is located at the top of this page. I would be more than honored to help you illuminate the path towards your success and understanding of self and situations more.

Gary is an educator of a decade, a writer and aspiring author, rootworker, and healer. He uses this website as a startup of his passions projects to help him follow the path that has been set out for him in this lifetime. Stay tuned and visit daily to engage in his writing, and he hopes that his posts can inspire you or motivate you in some way.