Angel Connections.

“In order to see angels, you have to be an angel.”

This phrase is a phrase that I came across (thanks, Kyle!), and have pushed myself to live life by. In order to be able to see the good in others, you have to be good to yourself and want to see the good in others. Socially, we can sometimes get caught up in other peoples’ appearances and pass judgment. Sometimes, we find ourselves thinking negatively about others because of their actions, intentional or unintentional, and I want to encourage you to stop there and reflect on why you may pass judgment towards someone over something that they may not realize about themselves, or you may not realize about yourself.

Other people can serve as a mirror for yourself, and I’ll give you an example. This morning, I woke up and did my normal routine – get coffee and walk back to my house (because a bitch doesn’t make her own coffee, he just goes to his bodega around the corner and grabs a cup and keeps it pumping – I need my caffeine to keep going). As I was walking back home, I noticed a man riding on a bike. Now, this man was minding his own business clearly, but I couldn’t help but notice his hairline and how he was balding. I initially passed judgment in my brain like “WOO CHILD, THAT HAIR!” …….but I realized that it was a mirror for myself being nervous about being getting older and becoming bald. I come from a family where my grandfathers both have (had) hair, but my father and my uncle don’t. I’ve always prayed and hoped for me to never go bald, because I just hate the idea of being bald. I just can’t imagine myself without hair. I realized that I was passing judgment in the moment over something that I was insecure about, and that’s not leading in light. That’s just reflecting upon something that I hoped for myself that would never happen. Instead of letting this man ride his bike and live his own life, I was worried about his hair. I’m not sure if he’s insecure about his hair, and it wasn’t fair for me to pass that judgment in my mind about him and his baldingness (yes, I just made that word up.)

Now, I had to reset myself and catch myself in the moment passing judgment towards someone I don’t even know. It’s not always easy to see angels around you, or see the good in others that you don’t know, but it’s important to always be kind in your thoughts, and be generous and supportive of others that we are able to perceive as angels and understand them at a deeper level. Maybe this man has had a struggle with his hair all his life – I’m not sure. But, he could have a heart of gold and I would never have thought this had I attempted to reprogram my thinking. He could have been an angel riding by, and I didn’t even give myself an opportunity to see him as such because of my initial reaction to be judgmental towards his appearance.

“Angels are all around us, and want to support us in what we are doing. The angels in our life want nothing more than for us to be happy and supported. They want the whole of humanity to understand that no matter what their race, creed or color, they are all divine and equal.” – Kyle Gray

We don’t always see the best in others, and that is extremely important when it comes to strangers, because we don’t know them and aren’t looking for their light. I encourage you today to look for the light in others, so that way, you are able to shine for them and they are able to shine back at you. An angel sees the good in all. They see the soul within all of humanity. So in order for angels to support YOU, you have to be an angel first. How are you celebrating others? It could be for their successes. It could be just for them living to fight another day, not knowing their circumstances from a can of beans.

Think of everything that goes into a moment of success for yourself. There is dreaming, hard work, failures, sleepless nights, and small breakthroughs, and the lack of any sort of guarantee that a goal will be met. This is how I perceive being an angel to be.

You always are in support of what is meant for the highest good, and continually pushing not just yourself to see the light in others, but encouraging others to be light based on how you carry yourself.

Invest your talents in someone else’s successes and look past the worldly goals into higher power goals, lifting others up instead of looking down on them. This doesn’t have to be done in a manner in which you are directly talking to them. Sending positive energy their way is part of the process, and sending love and compassion to others is a way that you can be a warrior angel in so many different facets. I consider myself to be a warrior angel, fighting and believing in the goodness of humanity, despite all of the ratchetry and negativity that surrounds us. If you choose to focus on how to light someone up instead of pass judgment, you are walking a path of faithfulness and light instead of residing in darkness. 

From the moment that you were born, your angel(s) have seen your light and have been waiting for you to discover it. When you are able to see that light in yourself and then see the light in others too, you’re awakening a vision that is allowing others to hold light in their space also. In order to be the example, you have to lead by example. I ask you today to recommit yourself to finding your light, and your victories will become others victories by sending a positive message and sending positive light towards them.

Are you ready to awaken your inner vision and continue to resonate as an angel, based on positive connection?

Today, if you’re ready to awaken your inner vision, you must lift that vibration of your vision, and see through the eyes of angels, instead of through the eyes of judgment and misunderstanding. Wherever you are, wherever you go, and whatever you do today, acknowledge that everyone you see, no matter who they are and what they are doing, has a soul within them that is ready to be lit up. If you lead in light, you have the ability to help others shine while you’re able to shine yourself. 

I’ve been told many a times by others, even when I meet them for the first time, that I have a positive light and an aura of love that surrounds me. Those types of affirmations help ground me and help me realize that I am walking in this world in such a manner that I have to continue being a positive guide. I love lighting others up and spreading that love, and you should take some time to set aside pettiness, and let others see your true soul, instead of guarding it because of worrying as to how it’ll be received. Your angel(s) are willing to allow you to do that – you just have to relinquish that feeling of ego and allow your light to be seen. If you can see that light in yourself and in others, then their energy will vibrate at a higher level and you will move into a space that is wise, compassionate, and loving.

It all begins with you and how you choose to move within this world. 

The world is full of wicked people, but you can make a choice to see the light in all of humanity if you choose so. This is a practice that you have to commit yourself to daily, and give people the benefit of the doubt. Everyone isn’t on the same path as you, and everyone has not had the opportunity to be showered with love in a way that you may have been able to in a past. I know personally, I have to look past those traumatic situations in my past and know that everything happens for a reason, but it shouldn’t diminish the light that I want to share with others. It doesn’t allow me to pass judgment, because I may miss out on an opportunity to connect with others in a way that can help raise both our vibrations, and we both come out of a situation feeling lighter than ever. Your victory can become their victory, and theirs yours. I encourage you to be a champion of light today, and be an angel for someone the way you would want someone to be an angel for you.

Practice what you preach. Today, I’m choosing to see the light in others, smile, and shed myself of those guards that have previously kept me from wanting to connect with others or keep myself hidden from seeing the true passion and genuine light of my soul. Stay focused on being an inspiration for yourself first, and that will radiate in terms of allowing you to have a soul connection to others in a way that you may not have thought possible prior. Talk yourself up today. Speak to your angel(s) today. Ask them for guidance, and when you find yourself slipping into a space of negativity and judgment, ask your angel(s) for guidance and refocus in order to spread what is necessary for you to feel at ease and light others up.

Remember – it all begins with you and how you show up for others, so show up brightly. Others will be able to sense that. As I write this, I’m thinking about what I have going on today, and how I don’t want to necessarily be bothered with others at the moment, but I could be depriving myself of gaining someone else’s wisdom, or even allowing my wisdom and light to shine on someone else that needs it. It’s all about the refocus of your soul purpose, and remembering that you were chosen to roam this earth to shine. This will help you achieve so many goals in life, and for that, you should celebrate.

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Take it one step at a time. It’s progress, not perfection. Your angel(s) are supporting you, and you are supporting yourself in many ways by doing this. Bear this in mind as you traverse through today’s actions.

Rise up my friends, and allow yourself to connect even deeper today to your angel(s) and be a light for others. Asé.


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