Happy Tuesday, friends. It’s been a couple of days since I have written last, and I have been dying to develop new content. I spent some time outside of the city camping playing Survivor in upstate New York! This was such a wonderful experience and I’m so glad to have met the people that I met, and play the game. Here’s a sneak peek from the original tribe I was put on and us after winning our first challenge.

IMG_7046I can’t even begin to explain what it’s like to play this game – it wasn’t the real show but more like a fan-based version of the game that I participated in. I played in challenges, strategized, and all of the like. I was camping essentially for two days outside in the elements. If you want to see some of the stuff that I did, you can check out the Survivor: New York page for the time being until the actual episodes are created. I can’t wait for you all to see how I did, and what this experience was like for me.

After all of this, I came back to real life after being disconnected from the world for two days and came back to start my job in a new role. It’s been such an adjustment being back in this world and just trying to find balance. I have been having a hard time re-centering myself because I’ve just been going to work, trying to make meetings, trying to figure out how to get to the gym, catch up on all my shows, do stuff for work to prepare, and be an actual person. Work being back in my life has made me feel even more off kilter than before, and it’s been a struggle to figure out my place in the world. Things have been feeling like they lack purpose in some sense, because I feel like there’s always just so much to do and there’s not enough time.

I ask you – have you ever felt the same way? Have you felt like time escaped you and you didn’t know what to do about it? This is really a devil that we all tend to deal with in terms of finding balance, and making sure we stick to what our intuition tells us. We all have to work to make money. We all have other obligations we have to fulfill. But at the same time, if the things that you are doing are not purposeful and giving you true enjoyment in your real life. I am learning what that looks like for me on a daily basis, and if you are searching for balance in your life, you should take some time to map that out.

I’ve been trying to be more intentional about what I do, where I go, and when I go places and listen to my body. Your body is a great barometer in figuring out what is necessary for you at the time and whether or not you are in a good place. When my body says no more, I listen. I can’t push myself to a limit that it doesn’t have instilled in the first place. You also have to take into account all that you have achieved up until this point, and remember that you have to be a leader in your own life in order to have what you want be the outcome. You have lots of inner wisdom that lets you know what resonates with you and what doesn’t. You have to remember that advancement in your own spiritual self is growth and that so much is going to manifest itself for you in terms of having what you need if you stay grounded. Take time to work all that out on today, and figure out what you need in terms of feeling like you have it all together. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

Amen. Asé.



P.S. Recently, I appeared on a friend’s YouTube series entitled Unzipped! You should check me out talking about open relationships here, and get my feel on it along with my friend Hector.

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