Mixed Signals

Have you ever felt like you’ve asked the Universe to send you signs, and the signs that you get leave you confused even more than when you asked for the answer to a question to be revealed to you? How do you deal with that? 

Think about the last time you really just wanted a sign about whether something was good or bad for you. The first example that comes to mind is when you’re dating someone and they do something that doesn’t really sit right with you, and you sit around feeling like ‘boo-boo the fool’ trying to figure out if what you are enduring is a waste of time, or if there is a larger lesson that is to be learned through all of this. It is extremely unclear because there is no ancient scroll that we can confer with to determine whether or not what we are doing is right or beneficial for us, but we end up having to trust the process and understand that things will come to light if we want them to.

It’s so easy for us to get caught in our heads when we are looking for some sense of clarity. Are you listening to your heart though? Are you thinking about what others’ responses are going to be, or are you prioritizing yourself and what you know to be true about you? Is this prioritization of self coming from a place of ‘selfishness’ or a place of ‘self-love’? I ask myself this a lot when it comes to making decisions on things that I’m super unsure of is the best path to take. I have felt that a lot of times, just leaving it in the hands of your Higher Power and the Universe is the only way in order to allow what is truly right for you to come to pass.

The outcomes may not always be what is expected, but these are parts of the roadblocks you endure during the journey of life to get to the end goal that you are seeking. What you may be expecting to see is not what you may end up getting, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that that will not come to pass – sometimes, it may not just be the right moment for you to receive the blessing you’re looking for. The mixed signals can paralyze us and make us feel completely rendered useless – the answer to getting rid of that level of paralysis is just to turn it over to your intuition, turn it over to your heart, let them communicate, and be done with the situation overall.

Meditate on the situation at hand. Asking others sometimes is what we do to seek validation, and we all seek validation in some form. However, don’t just seek those forms of validation from any old person. If you want to get the best answer possible, you have to ensure that if you allow someone into your space, you are intuitively guided to speak to them about said question in tow in order to receive the clarification that you may be looking for.

Everything that happens is divine in design. Nothing is a mistake. These bouts of confusion are part of life, but it’s about what you do in order to bounce back when you feel that inherent pressure tumbling down on you. It’s also about how you ‘move’ in order to see the greatness that you want for yourself in the end result. The actions taken towards what you want to see are extremely important, and it’s extremely necessary that you are clear in what you are asking to manifest.

Take some time today to think about what has thrown you for a loop and why, and what will allow you to find some peace in your situation. Think about what is best serving your spirit and soul, and also what you can stand to live with and endure. Your soul salvation comes first, and putting these thoughts down on paper and figuring out what actions you need to take to get the answer you may be seeking is key.

You got this. Stay woke, and stay convinced that your answer will come. It may not be tomorrow. It may not be next week. It may not be next year. But have faith – it will come when it’s time for you to actually take heed to it.

Amen. Asé.


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