Moral Code

If you were asked to truly be who you wanted to be, what would that look like? Who would you be? What would you be doing? What would you be doing? How would you dress? What would you stand for?

Under this Libra New Moon, I have been feeling a lot of feelings in regards to who I am, what I’m doing, where I’m at and where I want to be. I was going to write where I ‘should’ be, but the thing about it is you have to learn to accept where you are no matter if it is where you want to be in the current moment. Life is a journey that is made to be enjoyed, and even when things don’t transpire the way you plan for them to, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t space for things to work out the way you want them to. I’ve realized how important keeping your own personal moral code is, and how important it also is to stick to your boundaries even when others don’t understand them.

Sometimes, what you see yourself doing is not what others expect of you. But what the hell is wrong with that? If you were to look at yourself from the outside, would you appreciate you? Would you cheer you on? Would you support you? These are things that you need to consider when it comes to starting the beginning of your chapter that actually aligns with your true purpose. You have to remember that there are actual positive actions necessary to be made in order to get you to be where you want. You can talk up a good game, but no one likes a person that can’t back up actions with actual results. You have to remember what you are here to do, and if you are still trying to figure that out…that’s okay. Everything doesn’t need to be perfect, but planning is key when it comes to getting to where you want to be.

You have to take the time to sit back, reflect, journal, be vulnerable, be open…and allow yourself to be that bitch you want to be. You have to allow freedom into your space and block doubt in all aspects. Open that third eye and let your heart chakra flow when it comes to this time in your life and starting that new beginning. The Universe and your angels want to support you…but do you want them to? You need to consider this question as you really assess where you are, and remember to speak to yourself with love and give you what you want in the moment. These are key things to finding your true purpose, your true joy, your true light, and your true happiness. You have the power to make this happen, but nothing can be accomplished if you aren’t willing to actual dig deep into the annals of your heart and bring forth that beautiful dream and desire that you want.

You need not answer to anyone except your Creator and yourself what works best for you. Everyone will not understand your journey. Under this Libra New Moon, you are being asked to look at the cycle of your life and whether or not it is pleasing to you as a whole. There are three things you can choose to do:

  1. Continue to be miserable where you are.
  2. Find joy in what you are doing and revel in that.
  3. Switch the whole game up and take action towards what is going to align wholeheartedly with your goals.

This isn’t easy work. Life isn’t made to be easy. You aren’t made to sit around and just let things happen to you. You’re made to be that boss bitch and make the decisions for yourself that align with your own moral code and your own true self. Think about what you need to be more brazen about. Think about what you need to own and speak up on. Fear gets you nowhere in life except for movement towards a direction you don’t want to be. You have the power to become whatever your wildest dreams are…just be willing to do what it takes to get there. Don’t apologize either for it. There’s no reason to worry about what the next person is doing. Comparison is the key to the lock that never opens for you.

Go out there and fight for your freedom relentlessly. Your spirit will thank you and so will your heart.

Amen. Asé.


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