identity crisis

freeform. spilling what exists from the brain. what expels. why do we fear letting go of what we have inside of us? why do we fear being able to speak to others about our truth?

i can get the idea of being worried what other people think. but do those niggas really¬† matter in the grand scheme of things? most of us were born into this world alone, and the majority of us will die alone. why do we get so wrapped up in things and ideologies that will not serve us in any way, shape or form? i think a lot of the time, we have been conditioned by our forefathers and those that came before us to believe that there is no reason for us to do what we want because of the judgment of others. we have been accustomed to believing that what we do will be misunderstood, doesn’t serve the greater good, etc. and that’s the bullshit that we need to move away from as a human race. we deserve better for our spirits and our mindsets, and i’ll be the first to tell you. there is so much we have to offer but it’s silenced because we allow others to dictate what we should be doing.

i spent a whole lifetime being concerned about what other people had to say and lemme tell you, trying to disassociate that side of yourself that isn’t you to the side that actually wants to be you is sort of an identity crisis. it’s super necessary that you take the time back to accept who you are, where you are, what your dreams are, and don’t let anyone stop you from actually achieving them. there’s a fire in your belly, a greatness inside you that is unique to you.

we all were put on this earth with purpose. remind yourself that you are a chosen one. you were chosen to be here for a reason. and you were chosen to change your environment for a reason. we are so good at sleeping on our god given talents that we allow plebeians to derail our growth. i’ll be the first to tell you “bitch, not today”.

you are truly destined for greatness. if your mother never told you that. if your friends never told you that. if your gay family never told you that……you are meant to soar. you are meant to do things this world has never seen before.

a true realization i have been having is that the world is ever changing. and the thing about it is that with the world changing, those that are a part of the upper echelon don’t necessarily CHANGE, but they are added to. why can’t you be a part of that? just recalibrate what you believe to be real, what you know your strengths are, where you matter in this world, and go out there and fuck it up. it’s your time to make your presence known and stamp where you are. stop letting bitch shit affect you and don’t ascribe to that bitch made lifestyle. you got this.

this is an ode to myself honestly. so … get to it.



amen. asé.