forgive yourself for your shortcomings. pull yourself out of your rut when you feel like you’ve done something wrong. the act of feeling as though you are just not good enough is super reductive. it’s a lesson i learn on a daily basis.

anger sometimes pushes us to do things that are beside ourselves; act out of character and also the shit we tend to push down makes me feel like it manifests itself in unhealthy ways. talking through what’s most important to you even when it hurts is your opportunity to have soul salvation. that’s not an easy task but when you can find yourself giving yourself forgiveness, even for mistakes you habitually make at times, the recovery time gets less and less.

we are always taught that you are meant to learn a lesson every time you may have a setback, and the lessons don’t always fully come to form until you are willing to let go ofthe personal hell you can tend to put yourself from.

do you speak to yourself with love?

do you speak to yourself with the joy that no matter what an outcome can be, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel?

think about how much more happiness you could possess if you actually started listening to the beautiful voice that you possess inside of you. instead of trying to fight and figure your way out of stuff, remember that you have the power to make your reality that much more pleasant.

it comes from choice. when you choose to love yourself unconditionally, the power and joy you can see is truly what allows you to be able to push another day. don’t hurt yourself. heal yourself. free yourself. choose emotional freedom from the bondages that have held you back. from the negativity that was thrust upon you by others. you have the power to be a phoenix every day, any day of the week. choose to acknowledge your ancestors and your growth and their willingness to take care of you regularly. you won’t regret it when it finally comes to pass.

i send so much love and compassion to everyone that reads this. you are light. you are power. you are truth. you deserve to be in this world. every day isn’t perfect. but you are the author of your own fate. narrate what you deserve, just like the booming voice you hear in a documentary, and begin to love you and your situation for where you are. drastic changes are meant to come your way, and i’ll be the first to affirm that for you.

soar above. fly high. love you.



amen. asé.


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