a ticket to the gun show.

how does it feel when you have regained authority over your life? 

you know what i’m talking about. when you had to experience dealing with a situation that you knew was bringing you so much stress and strife, and you had the strength to let it go.

when you allowed someone to speak to you or bother you with their nonsense, and you finally were able to speak up and explain how you didn’t want that energy to enter your aura field.

when you finally took ownership of something that had been holding you hostage for so long, and were able to see the light and remember that you got it all in control.

isn’t that feeling invigorating? isn’t that feeling life-changing? does it remind you who you are and what power you possess when you authentically act from a place of truth?

we struggle so much with taking authority for things in our lives or in certain spaces because we at times, we worry how the results may end up. we worry that someone may take offense to our belief, or that our point of view won’t be valued. if i have learned anything recently, i’ve learned that owning your authority is one of the most powerful gifts that you possess – it’s more or less whether or not you choose to own it.

we were given the power to decide what is right for us at all times. a job. a relationship. what we want to eat for dinner. is that the wig i want to throw on today? girl, these pants is tight…do we really want to throw those on? all of these decisions allow us to exert our authority if we think about it.

as authority is described as ‘the right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience’, i ask you to think about the last time that you were able to assert your authority for your own highest good. remember that your assertion of authority is not always going to gel with what someone else has in store for you. our lived experiences and our daily narratives do not always intertwine with others around us. how we may need to be filled that day, metaphorically speaking, may not be how your neighbor needs to be filled. what you may need out of a situation is not what your neighbor may need. but that shouldn’t push you to shy away from demanding what is yours.

spiritually, we have the authority to give thanks to whatever being and source we see fit. you have been given the graciousness to wake up again and choose how you want to be. you get to decide how you want to appear daily. sometimes, you get to decide your tasks for the day. you get the opportunity to be thankful for what may not have been there before. hell, you may be able to even give thanks for your authority.

finding your voice and owning it isn’t an easy feat. it truly isn’t. a lot of times, we allow the negative self-talk or the traumatic experiences we may have endured while speaking our truth to derail us. there are many people out there who attempt to dead what we believe in when it comes to owning our own personal strength. well, let me sit here to remind you that what’s yours is yours. what is made for you is made for you. putting your foot down for your own cause is one of the most powerful things you can do in your human body. it also delights your ancestors and your spiritual guides when you stand firm in what’s important to you.

the biggest thief of authority is fear. we get scared as to how it will be received. will our thought pattern be knocked down? will ownership of our truth cause friction with others?

well…do the ends justify the means is the question i want to pose to you. would you rather be happy, free, and honest by saying what the hell you have to say and doing what the hell you need to do, or continue to feel trapped because of a projection of someone else’s belief? that’s a choice you have to decide on your own.

take some time to own your authority today in some way. define what that is for you, and where you lack authority in your own life. i know personally, i’m working on gaining the authority over my daily choice of living and what i do with my time career-wise. i’m in the process of regaining authority over my daily life and daily choices. that isn’t a one-time fix – issa process my G.

so keep in mind that this isn’t all going to be automatically fixed overnight. sometimes it might, but most times, it’s like building a muscle and strengthening it so that way it’s seen when you walk around. no one will question a bodybuilder if they can lift something that looks heavy. it’s just seen because it’s obvious based on the way they carry themselves. carry yourself with the strength of authority today, claiming what is truly meant to be for you. i know you’ll feel even more empowered as a person when you do such.

i send so much love & light to you on today, and encourage you to flex that muscle for someone that didn’t even know you had it. shake a bitch today.

amen. asé.


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