when you’re being redirected from the path that you planned, does that throw you off in a way that renders you unable to function? how do you react to setbacks when something that you planned or anticipated doesn’t happen the way that it’s supposed to?

this feeling and question came up for me this morning as i had a situation arise with something i was planning to transpire this upcoming week. i received notification that things would not happen as i anticipated, and i found myself initially feeling upset, let down, and frustrated. i began to worry about other things connected to this experience, and i woke up to this news so it felt like it was what was going to shape my day overall. after speaking to a friend and venting for a slight second, i was forced to remember how the Universe redirects you at times for your own safety. do you trust the way things happen in your life? do you trust what cannot be seen? if you cannot take a step back and allow the Universe to work its magic, are you truly functioning in the truth that the Universe wants you to have?

redirection can be one of the most annoying things to deal with. this is because we all have some idea in place or a situation we could potentially be excited for, and then all of a sudden…it is derailed. well, being thrown off track is a lesson in fact. it’s a lesson for you to take a step back and find another route to make your reality happen in a manner that’s best suitable for you in the moment. it also is the opportunity for the Universe and your Higher Power to work its magic in the interim also, and potentially open your world up to something you never may have anticipated. this belief and this understanding takes practice, but it also takes you being open to setbacks and re-routing your destination in a sense.

this practice isn’t easy, but you have a choice over how you react to these situations. will you react with anger and frustration, or will you react with peace, understanding, and move differently so that you don’t allow that negative energy to hang over your head? we all want things to go our way when WE want them to, but let’s just be honest: that isn’t realistic. it’s okay, also, that things don’t happen how we truly plan for them to. it shows us as humans how adaptable we are, and how we can recalibrate the route in order to get to success a different way. roadblocks aren’t always bad things – they can be put in the road for us to stop us from engaging in something that our Spirit does not need nor want in the moment. it also doesn’t mean that we won’t get what we want or deserve; it simply could just be the Universe’s way of saying “not right now”.

learn how to be more comfortable with allowing setbacks to be a part of your reality. every setback is a lesson on how to endure a difficult situation, and it teaches you resilience in any situation that comes your way. are you going to choose to be pissed and not make the best of your setback, or are you going to outsmart it and make it work for you? the choice is yours everyday.

amen. asé.


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