new energy surges through us when we allow ourselves to be vessels to do such. we have officially entered 2019, which i’m deeming the year of creativity and balance. some of us may come up with new year’s resolutions or some of us come up with themes (my partner refers to his years having overall themes to them and i totally accepted his POV) and i realize that when you set an intention and a thought towards something, it has the ability to manifest within a timeline that you may not be able to pinpoint.

this last year, i wrote down a couple of goals for the year. ever since 2016 going into 2017 (i may have done it in the past, but never wrote it down), i decided that i would take time in order to write down the things that i wanted to manifest for the year/themes i wanted to follow towards my true desires. coming from the annals of my journal:

“trust my intuition. spirit resides deep inside me and my intuition has served me right. i have a lot to offer the world and that intuitive nature will save me beautifully”

this is the year i really got into tarot pulls. you may have had a tarot pull done by me, or you may have seen my posts about them or the energy i was receiving that day. seems like this one was marked off pretty well.

“stick to my word to myself. keep your integrity to yourself especially when it matters to your own growth. when you feel the need to work, work. when you feel the urge to write, write. when you think about what makes you happy, do it. don’t let life just pass you by anymore. you belong in this world and you will find the path that brings you utter joy soon.”

this one is interesting because this year, i learned who i was and how to say ‘no’ to things i didn’t want to do. as a natural people pleaser, i tend to take other peoples’ opinions to heart and don’t want to do anything that is beside them or makes them feel uncomfortable. this year, i said fuck that. i completely decided to stay in MY lane. do what was right for ME. i didn’t 100% get over the whole “not letting other people influence my decisions” thing but i definitely let go of the reins a bit. i started this blog this year. i started my video channel too. i took 8 weeks of unpaid leave at work because of health issues and had to get better. i’m still finding the path, but at the same time the brush on it has kinda been swept away a bit and the path is becoming clearer.

the magic in writing these things down and having them to go back to is powerful – i believe that 1) how you start your year (meaning what type of event do you attend, you chilling at home, you blacked out somewhere) and 2) how you prepare for it are the ways that dictate what the year gives. this past year, i think i was asleep, woke up at home in my bed right before the ball drop and then ki’d on Twitter. i was on Twitter a LOT this year and i was at home IN MY BED a lot this year. however, this year i chilled elsewhere with some pretty nice vibes, had my first real ‘new year’s kiss’ and got some rest. and the energy the next day felt like it was a dervish of light. and i got to do what i wanted, which was sit, play games with my friends online, sleep, eat and watch Survivor.

i’ve got good vibes about this year and i send them all to you that read. remember that it’s important to have a driving force as to where you want to go. you have to have gas in the tank in order for shit to pop off. if you don’t fill the tank with gas, the car will never start or it won’t get to where you’re trying to get. make sure that you keep all this in mind as we walk into the beast that is 2019. energy shows that doing this and having it ready by the 5th is when it’s going to stick at its highest vibration because of the eclipse. SHE READY! it’s gonna be a wild ride but i know that at the end of this year, i won’t be even able to take myself.

amen. asé.