sometimes, the spirit just smacks you with inspiration. you don’t know where it came from or how it got there, but all of a sudden you’re engulfed in whatever desire that arose and finding yourself in the thick of it. this is the point behind me making time this morning for this writing.

while having my morning pull, i pulled the authority card from my oracle deck. now, the oracle card has a lot to do with power. ironically enough, i’ve been on a side journey along my general journey that has a lot to do with authority and how i choose to yield it and in what situations. i send this onto you also because you have the choice to be the authority in whatever situations that may arise for you today and moving forward. keep that authoritative spirit with you throughout the year, because that is what is going to lead you towards your salvation. we’ve pumped through the first week of the new year and made it to our first friday of many (Lord willing). think about how you want to show up and be yourself but also stay true to your surroundings and everything that you encounter.

when i think of authority, i have naturally put it in a box where it’s something i don’t like or resist. reason being, i hate being told what to do and struggle with not having say in things i think i have valuable input on. and sometimes, being the authority in the situation can backfire – i look at it not being your calling in that certain instance. it wasn’t your moment to be a leader in the grand scheme of looking at it. this doesn’t mean that you aren’t supposed to be a leader or anything – it just wasn’t your time to lead in that moment is what i see. i think of all the masculine qualities we have (cis or not) and when we choose to exert them in what situations. when we yield our authority in the proper setting, it allows us to climb to heights we may never have even imagined.

for some reason, i felt this urge to share the idea of owning your authority and also being cognizant of everyone else’s authority. remember, their usage of it doesn’t always line up with what you believe and that’s okay, but the wise person maneuvers around it to make it work for them in the long run. you also learn about authority from elders and how they’ve chosen to use their authority, so i also encourage you to look towards those that you respect that are older than you to help you learn how to tap into using your authority for the greater good in your own terms and in your own respect. how you yield said power and authority dictates how things work for you moving forward.

taking charge of your soul and your actions is something a lot of people yearn to do, but don’t know how. i encourage you to think about how you choose to take action, whether it’s worked for you or not, and how you can fine tune it so that way it does, or reach out to someone who has proven to be a natural leader and inclined to have authority that doesn’t infringe upon someone else’s space.

i just had to get that off my chest this morning. this new moon tomorrow is something i’m looking forward to ushering in – the power and the artistry that will come along with this energy is going to be huge. that shall be discussed at a later date, though. get ready!

amen. asé.


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