all i need.

when you follow the spirit, it leads you to know when it’s time to do stuff. hence me sitting here and doing this. we are almost halfway through our first month of the new year, and the energy in the air for me has been a mixture of electric, yet reflective. something about what is going on these days feels so much more promising than it’s ever felt before. the collective is being molded by the positive thought lines that are running through the circuit. and others are falling even further away from grace, which is fine…because there’s always a way for them to pull themselves back towards their lane. and it’s just a part of their journey.

things these days feel as though they’re so much more accessible and the actions that need to be taken are clear. it’s more about listening to your intuition even more and also putting yourself in situations that help you become closer to your goals. currently, i’m feeling like things are not going to be revealed to you instantly…but if you sit back and take some time to just let the best possible outcome pass, you will benefit from it. continue to send positive energy towards your goals, and you will gain so much in the long run. just stay focused on every little bit of a jump you are going to do and take in order to get to where you want to be.

things seem to feel like they’re settling in. you’re figuring out what’s next in the grand scheme of what makes sense for your life, and themes are appearing that give you clarity as to where you should be throwing your energy. even if there has been catastrophe or difficulty that has entered your space, you’re more equipped these days to endure what’s in front of you. you’re not scared to battle it, but you may want to take a backseat to it. it does take up a lot of energy. but the benefit of this will give you so much clarity in the grand scheme of things that you don’t even realize. just keep your nose open and your heart in tune with what’s going on and where you are. feel your way through it, and it’s going to be okay.

off the random, i think i say this because it’s so relevant as to the current theme of expanding and shedding what doesn’t need to exist anymore. i’m supposed to do homework for therapy and i have it tomorrow and wednesday, and i haven’t done it at all yet. i’ve been laying around and just enjoying having a chill saturday/day after work friday and this theme of procrastinating or just putting things off isn’t going to work. yes, you have to follow the energy when it is there, but keep it real with yourself. there may have been times that it came and you ignored it (unless you’re a capricorn; ya’ll never stop ._.) but you can change that narrative when you want to. i know i didn’t follow through on all the things i said i could do but i’m expanding and need to take it bit by bit. it’ll make sense and come together sooner than i believe. it will for you too if you trust that it will; just make the changes that you need to when it’s time. and take steps mentally every day to change how you define everything in your life – that which doesn’t serve you has to get deleted from your hard drive.

we have so much to look forward to and be grateful for right now. don’t forget to appreciate that which you have, but be grateful for whatever manifestations become reality for you in the coming days and weeks. stay loving, even in your lows.

amen. asé.



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