the soul just follows what it wants to follow when it wants to follow it. this is the realization that i am coming to, and it really takes you being present and listening to yourself to know what your body needs in that moment and feeding not just that, but your soul.

i relate that to the idea of me writing. the last time that i actually curated something has been some time. it isn’t that i haven’t wanted to. it’s like i listen to my body and i start…and just stop. or some of these posts just don’t make the cut because i don’t know how to expound upon them in a way that doesn’t expose myself. *insert emoji that looks like it just farted here*. i have always heard and been under the motto of ‘you don’t force it because when you do, you’re just pushing yourself’ and i don’t have time for that. i already struggle with focus and just staying on top of things, so who wants to add more to that.

these days, i always struggle with thinking about what this blog should be giving. but i realize that talking about my life and my journey and the small parts i’m willing to share (or huge if you look at it that way) subconsciously, my mind always goes to what i grew up hearing – ‘keep your business to yourself’ or ‘no one should be knowing what goes on behind closed doors’ and i have been realizing how toxic that belief is, and why that has forced people like me to suppress feelings for so many years. i think it’s because i have always been told that my emotions and stuff like that aren’t the most important things to really pay attention to. it hasn’t been explicitly said, but it was something that wasn’t necessarily valued. and working through the idea of feeling emotions, being present, clearing them out to make room for new…yeah. all of that is the goal, the hole, all of that shit. and daily, i always feel like i’m coming across new revelations. it’s because i have opened my heart and my spirit to receiving them. what i want to push you to do, if you’re reading this, is to take a step back and just be present in your spirit and body. like, actually look at everything around you. process, think, and let it go. write it down if it needs to be revisited. but then also give yourself grace to move on.

that’s such a hard concept for people to consider at times – the idea of just letting go and moving on. and it takes sometime to get. but if it’s completed…child, you’ll be so much more grateful than you’ve ever been before in your life. just trust in that.

right now, i’m excited to move out of emotional pisces season because i have a feeling it’s setting us up for a fiery aries season full of moves, expansion, growth and great work coming our way. stay encouraged. today, i pulled this oracle card talking about my spirit is being called for great stuff. it speaks about passions being ignited and how it is time to let your soul soar! new beginnings, ideas, revelations, and exciting adventures are awaiting. when i pull, i pull for myself to be of service to the collective and i want you all to have a strong surge of spiritual strength the rest of this weekend. it’s meant for you. stay encouraged and stay powerful. you have it. we’re halfway through march, which is hell month for teachers. i’ve suffered extreme sickness, lost 15 pounds (hey SLIMFAT BABY!!!) and here i am. just pushing on. i’m setting the intention of being healthy and being even more financially stable than i am now and increase and productivity are on the horizon for us all. believe.

-asé. amen.



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  1. Thank you for your words, brother. Always a blessing to my neurotic mind, and nourishment for my spirit. This post resonates on so many levels, especially the part about letting go. I’ve been living in that space for last few months: letting go of self-desecrating narratives that keep me from walking in authenticity. Letting go of the belief that dysfunction must attend love. Letting go of the fear of intimacy. Letting go of the fear that I’ll never “make it” as a writer or in any “respectable” profession. Letting go of the shame for being nearly thirty, with a graduate degree, but working as a server for a meager wage. Shedding (more like healing) the layers of my spirit conditioned to believe that God and my Self were separate and at war because of my sexuality. Just letting go of fear, period. So, so much fear. Pisces season and this retrograde were….interesting….to say the least. Anyhoo, blessings to you, and yes to passion, yes to growth and expansion, yes to health and getting that snatch back! Let it be so. 💕


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