When you take life by the reins in the manner that you desire, the outcome really does do something to you.

I want to start this off by a post from ScorpioMystique [check her website out – she is amazing and is always on point and follow her on social media!!!! she’s such a sweetheart!] and something I just re-read (I always read her weekly forecasts for Scorpios when they drop) and it just shook me for some reason.

…it’s best to simply keep it real and let yourself feel a bit wild and all over the place. Write, draw, sing, dance, cry, vent, meditate, make love, recreate your look, send a sext… Don’t limit yourself from expressing what’s on your heart, but also know when you need to direct all that passion towards yourself. Taking yourself out on a date, dressing up for yourself, touching yourself… It’s all a possibility for you, especially as the sex sign of the zodiac. Be your own lover and then watch how everyone else reacts. … With Uranus, the Planet of Surprise in your partnership sector until 2026, you’re at the beginning of a major sexual and romantic reawakening. The more you own your sex appeal and your strong romantic urges, the better your love life becomes. Gift yourself the right to be a fully liberated being, Scorpio. Rise from your ashes like the Phoenix that you are.

It has been a weird couple of days since this New Moon has hit. In my last post, I was practically begging to have dick appear in my life like a thief in the night in some capacity. And you know what? …I’m not gonna get into that, but let’s just say that manifestations are real and the mentality of abundance is real if you tap into it. You have to just trust what’s unseen and allow yourself to truly feel what’s arising in your spirit when it comes. I’ve been working on learning not to question everything, as I normally would. I just end up consulting with self for a hot second and letting the chips fall where they may. I have realized that my desire to have the answer to everything can be toxic at times, and I have to learn how to balance that better. I am learning how to allow my emotions to live and breathe like other human beings do.

We are taught to suppress our emotions in certain situations. Certain settings. Certain environments. I know there is proper etiquette in certain environments and whatnot, but come on. I feel like the exposure that we have to REACTIONS to certain emotional responses is what has created a society where we are not functioning at our best capacity because we are bogged down with the idea of someone else’s thought patterns affecting how we move. Fuck that, bro. I’m tired of that old outdated pattern. I’m all about following the intuition that is put inside of us that lets us know what actually feels right, and is at the same time morally right for our own being.

The way I look at it, sometimes people do things just for show. Everyone is fucking begging to be seen. And they will do whatever it takes to ensure that they have an ‘impact’, whether or not the impact is actually the type of impact that they’re going for. How long have you been shooting in the gym? Are you putting your people on, or are you just being selfish about your glow & flow? Everyone – we have to remember that it’s important to just let people be, and just support and clap for our niggas. And even those that always aren’t the most vocal about supporting us, or even hate us in a sense. Just stay in your lane right now and know that you’re being carried along the way. It’s about trusting in the unseen and knowing that you’re being supported even when you’re not being publicly praised.

This awakening (or reinforcement & reawakening) of this mindset has been so strong for me lately. Petty mindless bullshit is such a vibration that is not what I want to go for right now. I’ve been just kind of stepping into things that I have been ashamed of or talking about things that I have kept hidden for quite some time. It’s like the shadow is going away and the true light is starting to reveal itself, and GOSHDANGIT it is BRIGHT. It comes in waves and the beauty of it is that it stays with you. The light always peaks out in the darkness, and it always had. Nowadays, it’s just feeling like the sun is actually eclipsing over the moon just a bit to find that perfect balance of both, and I’m grateful for that. Living life like it’s golden, doing things the way that I want to, and just making do with what I can in the moment. If we lived like that more often, we would be happier people on a regular basis – guaranteed. Instead of being a prude, thinking about what others are going to say (we are our biggest critics, first off, and then are also hyper-aware of the feelings of others at times) I have come to the conclusion that the lie detector test determined that everyone’s opinion mattering is a lie. I’m not worried about you! It’s this state of finding peace within self to allow your own truths to prevail. That’s what keeps you afloat and keeps your light shining for the world to see.

As long as you stay true to form and don’t let anything else get in your way, you’re good. Right now, Jupiter is in Retrograde and it speaks about the amount of abundance that is at our fingertips right now. Of course most people think retrogrades are bad, but I’m having a good feeling about the fire of this one. The Sagittarius fire of this retrograde is going to test whether or not you allow change into your life willingly, or if you are going to crumble when actually pushed into what you ask for. Let’s be real, you’re about to be tested. Saddle up.

I know and declare freely that I’m up for any challenge right now, because any challenge helps me grow. Adapt the same mindset and instead of being fixed, become more malleable and allow the winds of life to take you wherever. You’re refining what works for you and what doesn’t in the current moment. And it’s not going to always be pretty, but being receptive is half the battle. When you learn to receive whatever comes your way and then be able to truly sift through what doesn’t serve you, then you will have mastered what’s necessary to continue to ascend to where you want to be. I’m rooting for you. We’re all rooting for you.

Amen. Asé.

P.S. Go get you some.