the shedding of skin is the rebirth i didn’t plan on, but realized i had to lean into. the most uncomfortable of situations are the ones that push you to grow in ways that you never have imagined. i stay preaching to the younger generations about how these situations really make you test yourself in a way you have never been tested, and at this moment it’s a welcomed test. there is some sort of benefit as we ride through the sunset and surf the waves of life. chase the tornadoes and the storms and end up where we find some sense of beauty and truth. we don’t want to go into the eye of the storm for fear we will be swept away. there is always said to be a calm in the eye, but there is a ton of damage that can *potentially* come after. dependent upon how you position yourself and where you are really dictates how the Universe moves and whether or not you’re in the path. you can be in line or choose not to be…the choice is yours.

this energy is intense. even as i sit here on this evening before the full moon actually comes, it just feels like things are going to be shaken up. i’m in a place right now that i have never been before and even though it literally makes my skin crawl and gives me the utmost anxiety, i would rather be here and feel like there’s so much to achieve even though everything isn’t the way i ideally would want. that doesn’t mean that my plan, your plan, anyone’s plan isn’t coming to pass…it’s all about taking the necessary steps and i’m not trying to jump ladder rungs. jumping steps just means you miss out on important shit you have to do later. no detours on this journey. and i’m not even upset about it.

how are we choosing to move? how are we choosing to honour the journey? how are we choosing to make things happen and know it’s for our greater good? how are we choosing to learn from our mistakes? are you owning your power or shying away from it? time for you to answer these questions and get in gear. we’re ascending, bitch.

amen. asé.


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