stepping up.

stepping up to the plate looks differently for so many people. that could mean in the literal sense of stepping up to the plate right before a baseball game, hoping to knock the ball right out the park. it could also mean in the sense of being charged with something and ensuring that you meet the mark in regards to what needs to be done. that could look differently for so many people, especially based on the way that a person approaches conflict, and how to come to a resolution in its finality.  however, you naturally know when it is the time to come to the realization that it is time for things to shift, whether for your own personal goodness or for the goodness of others. you know that good old saying about people being mirror reflections of you and how you treat them is truly how you treat yourself. that’s even when you’re rashing someone. how you talk to them is a reflection of how you have the ability to gather your whole life together in a way that always isn’t the most positive. check yourself. the ‘man, what the fuck are you thinking’ thought processes aren’t always going to be the best things for you to perpetuate in your mind and spirit.

and you know this. i just needed to reiterate it for you on today. as i continue to pass through the days that go by, i realize that there is so much that’s changing. there’s so much growth. so much newness. it’s all about the new world and how we are choosing to be a part of it or not. how we function in that is a choice and how you allow it to actually benefit you or not…that’s half the battle, baby. what do i mean by this new world? it’s a new level of consciousness that we are striving to achieve. a space of understanding and truth that none of us have experienced before but we are having to step into. this is a choice. stepping up means getting to the next level of truth for you. how do you know you’ve made it there?

take this example: you just recently got through a whole situation where things that you were holding onto from your childhood came to the forefront and you were able to clear through and now, you know that this was happening for a reason. you don’t question it and after the situation has transpired, you tend to feel lighter and just more at peace with yourself. you know that you are breaking through barriers that you didn’t even know existed. now you’re in a space of realizing that change is being facilitated and the way that it is welcomed in is such a beautiful thing. the reason why this is so important to pay attention to, work through, make sense of and then move forward in bliss is because you have truly made a shift in your vibration, your understanding, and with this new knowledge have space to truly make something shake in a beautiful way. this allows you to see things from such a different perspective. being able to appreciate that dust, that shit, that waste of energy that you were holding onto for so long, lovingly releasing it and allowing it to transcend into the cosmos so that way you don’t have to be concerned about it anymore. the dust is what is settles…it’s time to shake shit up.

we are stepping into beautiful realms and beautiful gowns. are you going to allow yourself to stay put in the space you are now, or step up into a newer space that helps you to feel at peace, at home, and in the mindset of knowing that more greatness is on the horizon? you know that you truly have God’s grace on your side and the ability to manifest whatever your heart desires. it just is up to you to make sure that you put the effort forth into making that happen instead of just sitting around waiting for it to happen.

step up to the plate. knock that emotional BALL out the park. show yourself how to love yourself so that way it radiates to others. lead in light. hold onto the thought that karma does exist. ensure that you do whatever is necessary in order for you to move to those higher levels of groundedness. it’s your time.

amen. asé.