stepping up.

stepping up to the plate looks differently for so many people. that could mean in the literal sense of stepping up to the plate right before a baseball game, hoping to knock the ball right out the park. it could also mean in the sense of being charged with something and ensuring that you meet the mark in regards to what needs to be done. that could look differently for so many people, especially based on the way that a person approaches conflict, and how to come to a resolution in its finality.  however, you naturally know when it is the time to come to the realization that it is time for things to shift, whether for your own personal goodness or for the goodness of others. you know that good old saying about people being mirror reflections of you and how you treat them is truly how you treat yourself. that’s even when you’re rashing someone. how you talk to them is a reflection of how you have the ability to gather your whole life together in a way that always isn’t the most positive. check yourself. the ‘man, what the fuck are you thinking’ thought processes aren’t always going to be the best things for you to perpetuate in your mind and spirit.

and you know this. i just needed to reiterate it for you on today. as i continue to pass through the days that go by, i realize that there is so much that’s changing. there’s so much growth. so much newness. it’s all about the new world and how we are choosing to be a part of it or not. how we function in that is a choice and how you allow it to actually benefit you or not…that’s half the battle, baby. what do i mean by this new world? it’s a new level of consciousness that we are striving to achieve. a space of understanding and truth that none of us have experienced before but we are having to step into. this is a choice. stepping up means getting to the next level of truth for you. how do you know you’ve made it there?

take this example: you just recently got through a whole situation where things that you were holding onto from your childhood came to the forefront and you were able to clear through and now, you know that this was happening for a reason. you don’t question it and after the situation has transpired, you tend to feel lighter and just more at peace with yourself. you know that you are breaking through barriers that you didn’t even know existed. now you’re in a space of realizing that change is being facilitated and the way that it is welcomed in is such a beautiful thing. the reason why this is so important to pay attention to, work through, make sense of and then move forward in bliss is because you have truly made a shift in your vibration, your understanding, and with this new knowledge have space to truly make something shake in a beautiful way. this allows you to see things from such a different perspective. being able to appreciate that dust, that shit, that waste of energy that you were holding onto for so long, lovingly releasing it and allowing it to transcend into the cosmos so that way you don’t have to be concerned about it anymore. the dust is what is settles…it’s time to shake shit up.

we are stepping into beautiful realms and beautiful gowns. are you going to allow yourself to stay put in the space you are now, or step up into a newer space that helps you to feel at peace, at home, and in the mindset of knowing that more greatness is on the horizon? you know that you truly have God’s grace on your side and the ability to manifest whatever your heart desires. it just is up to you to make sure that you put the effort forth into making that happen instead of just sitting around waiting for it to happen.

step up to the plate. knock that emotional BALL out the park. show yourself how to love yourself so that way it radiates to others. lead in light. hold onto the thought that karma does exist. ensure that you do whatever is necessary in order for you to move to those higher levels of groundedness. it’s your time.

amen. asé.




the shedding of skin is the rebirth i didn’t plan on, but realized i had to lean into. the most uncomfortable of situations are the ones that push you to grow in ways that you never have imagined. i stay preaching to the younger generations about how these situations really make you test yourself in a way you have never been tested, and at this moment it’s a welcomed test. there is some sort of benefit as we ride through the sunset and surf the waves of life. chase the tornadoes and the storms and end up where we find some sense of beauty and truth. we don’t want to go into the eye of the storm for fear we will be swept away. there is always said to be a calm in the eye, but there is a ton of damage that can *potentially* come after. dependent upon how you position yourself and where you are really dictates how the Universe moves and whether or not you’re in the path. you can be in line or choose not to be…the choice is yours.

this energy is intense. even as i sit here on this evening before the full moon actually comes, it just feels like things are going to be shaken up. i’m in a place right now that i have never been before and even though it literally makes my skin crawl and gives me the utmost anxiety, i would rather be here and feel like there’s so much to achieve even though everything isn’t the way i ideally would want. that doesn’t mean that my plan, your plan, anyone’s plan isn’t coming to pass…it’s all about taking the necessary steps and i’m not trying to jump ladder rungs. jumping steps just means you miss out on important shit you have to do later. no detours on this journey. and i’m not even upset about it.

how are we choosing to move? how are we choosing to honour the journey? how are we choosing to make things happen and know it’s for our greater good? how are we choosing to learn from our mistakes? are you owning your power or shying away from it? time for you to answer these questions and get in gear. we’re ascending, bitch.

amen. asé.


intuition says ‘yes’

intuition is a son of a bitch, and i mean that in the most loving way either. when you learn to listen to that gut feeling, it really just serves you some shit up on a silver platter that you never expect. sometimes, the end goal is not what was necessarily planned…but that’s okay. you get the clarity that you need in some way. that intuition doesn’t kick in unless you trust yourself. do you? what do you truly think about yourself? If you don’t answer quickly with a loving response, let’s take a step back and figure out why?

what thought patterns are hindering you from being able to see yourself at your highest self right now? why are you so critical of things that others probably aren’t as critical of you of? rest assured, i can tell you…whatever you’re pressed as a panini about right now isn’t going to matter in the grand scheme of things. trust & believe. you are creating a mountain out of a molehill right now, and you need to tighten it up and remember that nothing is actually wrong with you, what you think, how you move, all of that. other people feel resistance to your freedom because they don’t know how to function in the same way that you do. and is it their job to do so? absolutely not. that resistance creates judgment and then judgment creates a lack of inertia when it comes to your dreams, desires and your moves. you tend to shell up and falter in ways that aren’t necessary for you to do because of another’s input.

set yourself free, beloved.

shucking and jiving in a way that’s authentic to you serves you and brings you joy in ways you would have never imagined. that clarity and peace that courses through you is unmatched. personally, since this journey with ramadan beginning there has been such a level of clarity and stuff that i have been grateful for. the prayers, the fasting (even though i’ve had to modify it because of my health and stuff), the thoughts and the vulnerability that comes with it. . . is unmatched. it’s made a lot of things concrete for me that i may have had questions or inklings about and has blessed me in a variety of ways that i couldn’t even begin to explain. for that alone, i am grateful beyond measure. the journey of self-exploration, faith and security is a tumultuous yet beneficial one and i implore you to try it out.

you have so many keys to so many doors. it’s time to catch your deliverance.

amen. asé.





expressions of gratitude come in a variety of forms. you know, your man may get you a good edible arrangement sent to your job. maybe in order to show that you’re thankful towards a boss, you’ll do something for them like get a gift card for them to a place you know they like or something. or whatever actions you may take with anyone that you care about, …you go out of your way sometimes to show that you care. well, this year the way i’m going to practice showing my gratitude is by observing Ramadan, which begins today.

why Ramadan? this is going to sound crazy, but watching the tv show Ramy on Hulu gave insight to the Muslim perspective in America (or at least one millennial’s version of it as he searches for spirituality) and the show is just good in general as a watch. however, the search for deeper meaning of spirituality and himself gave me a tinge of a point for personal reflection. one episode was completely dedicated to Ramadan and growing up, i have had a number of Muslim friends who have observed Ramadan. this year however, i have SO MUCH to be grateful for. and simply just being alive is enough to be grateful for.

now, i did try Lent out this year but that was a flop. the reason why is because when i began, i wasn’t as dedicated to it. i felt like it was something i was going to ‘try’ to do – my level of investment wasn’t there. and when i broke it the first time unknowingly after day 6, i just gave up altogether. this on the other hand…this for me feels like a time to truly give back to myself, my Higher Self, my Ancestors, God, Obatalá, my egún, my Ori and my angels. now, I’m not Muslim…but why can’t i practice fasting, giving reverence where it is due, and sacrificing a bit of something so small in life in order for me to spiritually grow?

i have never seen the point of being limited to a box for anything. i don’t think it makes any fucking sense to box any sort of practices and religions in unless you are to undergo an initiation to become some sort of practitioner in a religious sect/background. otherwise, find your fuvking peace, bro. you’re the author of what that looks like for you and i have decided to take the reins on that this year.

for your own sake and i mean, this could help someone else too. why am i going to be diving into this? aside from me wanting to try this out for my own personal desire and strength of spirit, i want to start weaning out some bad habits that i have. i also want to see what i can create and give my time to when i’m not filling it with other things i may be doing that waste it. i want to see what routines i can enhance or make better for myself. i also am personally excited to be able to devote guaranteed time to meditate, pray, and go within for clarity. this will even be observed during the work day, and having that level of peace is something that i believe is going to bring me such enlightenment. i don’t mind the fasting – the ‘no drinking water’ thing is gonna be hard because i talk all day but i’ll manage.

regardless of how this goes, there is a lesson i will gain through all of this i am excited to lean into. when you expand your viewpoint and attempt to try new things out, new blessings come from new lessons. give it a try, and meet me in the street. we ain’t on the playground no more.

be blessed. ramadan mubarak.

amen. asé.




What a feeling it evokes. It sounds lofty…but it doesn’t have to be. It is a high that doesn’t even match losing your virginity…graduating from college (even though that’s pretty fucking monumental in its own right)…I could go on. It just makes you feel this vibration through your body that feels like you aren’t even yourself. You feel like you’ve reached the boss level of your life, and you can’t be bothered by the bullshit. Simply. Fuck whoever has anything to say, because your shields are up and shit just rolls off your shoulders different these days. At least, I can speak for myself and let me tell you…it just HITS DIFFERENTLY FAM. I advise you to invest in yourself and not giving a shit about the irrelevant shit honestly. It doesn’t serve you anymore. It is time to let go of the things that really don’t give you joy. That doesn’t help you actually progress and in turn actually contributes to your regression in a sense – not completely, however. It depends on what you do when you confront those feelings honestly. You deal with them, move through them, and then what do you do? Continue the cycle?

Or break the chains?

And start over again on your own terms? Shackle-free? Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to not be a slave to what doesn’t serve you? How would you feel? What would you be doing if you were just living freely?

When you choose to make that decision to let go of what has been holding you back from functioning at your higher self, you’re choosing life and wealth in a variety of ways. The wealth of knowing who you are and that knowledge of your most authentic self is a priceless gift to uncover. Allowing yourself to become free from the things that don’t deserve your time is a practice that takes a while to get to, but when you finally arrive…it’s worth it.

Put it into perspective in the grand scheme of things. What does something that plagues your emotions on a regular basis do for you? Other than continually put you in a space of frustration and regret…resentfulness…un lugar de que se siente como rebelde. Then you pass that toxicity onto others, and …no one wants your shit, ma. So fix it, hold what has to be done, and get your ducks in order. The moon is calling you to focus on what’s necessary. Get to where you need to be. It’s time to tighten up.

I say that with the utmost love. Because you don’t even realize what lies on the other side of this for you. You have no idea what joy and happiness you can finally experience. Come along and drink the ginger ale. It’s delicious!

Amen. Asé.