Reclaiming My Agenda: A Written Manifesto.

Before I hop into this post, I just want to shout out Brendon Burchard again for his book. It literally gives me so much to reflect on daily and I’m grateful that I have been taking time to really take days (read: months) to get through it because there’s so much good stuff in it. Today, my job cancelled school because of the recent tragedy we all experienced, and it has given me some time to focus on myself more than normal. The energy of the New Moon also forced me to get out of my house and actually try and write and do the work that I’ve been asking myself to do for a while now. I realize that because I’m always stuck with working consistently, I lack energy because I give so much of it to people on a daily basis and even though I enjoy being an assistance to people, these aren’t always the easiest people to deal with and they don’t (read: students) don’t know how to give back properly and fill me up the way I need in life right now. I’m good at filling them up, but I leave empty regularly. I also just run around like a chicken with my head cut off, which is NOT how I operate. A girl needs time to recuperate, relax, and rejuvenate. This is why I have had the last four days off, and they honestly have been perfect (even though I would sleep a bit more, but it’s cool). I’ve had time to chill. I’ve had time to see friends. I’ve had time to talk on the phone with friends. I’ve had time to READ BOOKS. I’ve had time to manifest things I want. I’ve had time to connect with self. It’s been great.

Where I’ve gotten to in the book is in regards to writing out your own manifesto. Now, there are a lot of questions that it asks you to dive into, and I took some time today to dive into those questions. Now, normally, I would just share the questions with you all, but honestly…because of the space I am in my life right now, I am doing myself a solid and actually going above and beyond to share my thoughts with you all because…I can’t sit on these thoughts and not do anything with them. Therefore, in light of the New moon, new beginnings, and my desire to be a light and a guide for others…I’m going to share the questions with you all as well as the answers I created. Please feel free to just read the questions and ask them to yourself, and if you have the time, read the responses I gave to myself. This is me bearing my soul to you all, the world, and myself and …this is the first step towards my personal freedom I feel like in a larger sense. So here we go.


Setting a direction:

What will our mission be from this moment forward?

My mission from this point forward is to make sure that I am following what my intuition tells me. I want to make sure that I am fulfilling whatever Spirit leads me to do, and not being resistant towards what I feel like “doesn’t align” or “doesn’t make others happy” and my mission is to follow my gut and what I know is going to make me happy. My mission is to focus on what truly resonates with my spirit and do work that makes me happy internally, while touching others along the way. Our mission, with God and Spirit, is to lead the way to allow others what to understand what it means to be vulnerable and use those vulnerabilities not as points of weakness, but to actually appreciate them and use those as what will help us to push forward towards what we truly deserve as human beings and forge this level of connection.

What will be our plan of action?

Our plan of action is putting myself out there even more than I ever have before. I’ve been resistant to sometimes hopping in front of camera or being on podcasts only because I get nervous doing it alone. I have to get rid of those worries because at the end of the day, I know what I possess and what I was instilled with at birth is just coming to the forefront even harder than it has before. Like, I already have a name for the show that I want to create and I know it’ll be something people will catch onto and love. I have to trust that what I have been given is a gift, and it is my purpose in life to expose, utilize, and manifest that gift towards greatness. I have to make sure that I am intentional in the writing that I am doing, making sure that I continually try and share it with others. I have to make sure that I am honest in all conversations, and also making sure that I’m sticking to my true self when making these things happen. It all starts with me taking the leap and leaving things behind that I feel like don’t align with what my true desires are and dreams are, even if I feel like they may hurt others because they don’t see what I see. And that’s okay. Everyone’s not made to be taken along for the ride, and if they’re not, that means it’s made for me to separate from them because my journey right now is solely focus on my own personal growth and my own personal happiness and true joy through God and Spirit.

What steps must be taken?

  1. Get out of my own head.
  2. Not necessarily ‘ignore’ what others have to say, but filter the things that serve me and what doesn’t serve me so that way, I can choose what actually fills me instead of depletes me.
  3. Set up some sort of relationships with others that truly want to see my success come to life, and there are plenty. I have to trust that reaching out to them and actually being vulnerable enough to ask for help is part of the key in order to see the life I want to live come to to the forefront.
  4. Do the work that comes with finding opportunities that align with what I want to do wholeheartedly. I have to try different things out, and I can’t be scared to try these things out either. I have to stop allowing my level of wanting to be comfortable to dictate what I do and don’t do because I’m scared of what the outcome will be.
  5. Be stern and be focused in what is for me without allowing others to derail my success: I’m in control of what I allow to come my way and what I filter out of my brain, and I have to start to fill myself with love, kindness, and joy instead of allowing things that trigger me to do such. It won’t always be perfect, but at the same time, I know that it can be accomplished through constant practice.

What am I really after in life?

I’m really after serving others of different backgrounds, different upbringings, different stages in life. I want to heal people as I heal myself. The beauty of human connection is that all of our experiences are different, and there are ways to be able to learn from one another that we may not see on the surface because we are not willing to be vulnerable enough to do such. I also want to travel so much more. I want to be sponsored to travel and take on the job of writing about the energies I feel in different spaces and why they have allowed me to feel stronger about the person that I am. I want to be able to move around and not feel like I’m tied down. I want to feel the mixture of structure, but also feeling the discipline to be my own boss and make decisions for myself without having others feel like they have to make those decisions for me. I’m after healing not just myself in life, but others along the way with my level of vulnerability, giving them a launching pad to dig deeper into themselves and actually do the work that is necessary to bring them to their true level of happiness and joy that isn’t laced in complacency. Complacency is the work of the “devil” and I use the term “devil” loosely because it’s the idea that the lifestyle that breeds comfortability and an inability to grow or see outside your general view of life. This is not what we were put on earth for, and I want to create a space and be in the driver’s seat on what that looks like and how awakening to self is what truly brings happiness and truth to one’s life and brings a level of authenticity instead of functioning at a lower plane of being distracted by the bullshit that we see going on in our world on a daily basis.

What do I truly want to create and contribute?

I want to create a television show that meets the idea of a podcast that discusses the topics that people are scared to jump into: trauma, being taken advantage of, duplicity in spirituality and it not being one-sided, love and how multi-faceted it can be aside from what others may believe that it is, – something that will have people reflect and actually think about where they are and how they can dig deeper inside themselves to determine whether or not the person that they show up as daily is actually who they are, and help them to assess the mirror reflections of the people they have in their lives and decipher whether or not those relationships are truly the people that deserve to be a part of their space, or if they need reupholstering towards fixing what is meant to be in their lives and what isn’t.

What kind of person do I want to show the world each day?

I want to show the world that I am light daily. I want to show the world love daily. I want to show the world that I am a real ass bitch, a sensitive ass bitch, an emotional ass bitch, but a loving, truthful, compassionate, bold, risk-taking, ‘no nonsense’ type of nigga. I want to show that I truly care about us as humans and how we all interact with one another and move towards us being able to love one another – even those that we may not gel with completely. And learning that there’s a way to be able to lovingly let go of people that don’t serve you, and willingly allow people that do serve you in the sense of fulfilling you to allow themselves to come closer with honesty. And then also show that those that can’t value your true honesty and refuse to listen to such aren’t people that actually have your best interest at heart and are vampires, trying to take away your light and show that even though people may try this with me, I want to show the world that I am light, I am an angel put on this Earth to lead people towards their own light, and that I’m meant to be here on this planet to help bring us closer as a human race, little by little. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But I want to show that even though I am not someone who ticks off all the stereotypical check marks of a certain ‘type’ of person, I’m someone who is a unicorn that was placed on this earth to bring realness, bring joy, bring love, and bring reality to the every day life of the people I encounter.

What types of persons shall I love and enjoy life with?

I shall enjoy life with and love people who are willing to make true changes. I will enjoy life with people who want to actually enjoy every moment of life and what it has to offer, ups and downs, through the tornadoes, even when they experience anxiety, depression, other mental illnesses, and other feelings that may make them feel less than. I want to help build each other up, and create a strong network of love, support, spiritual connection, and honesty with others that transcends the surface level of just ‘being there for one another’. It takes so much more to be present in a person’s life, and I want to share my life with those that are willing to do the same thing, as I still navigate my way through doing the same thing and giving myself kindness and grace to do such.

What great cause will keep me going when I feel weak or distracted?

I will remember that at the end of the day, I am here for a reason. Ever since I was young, I have always thought that I was put on this planet for a reason. Even though I may be gay, even though I may be  Black or Afrolatinx, even though I may be one of those intellectuals, even though I may be one of those ‘blerds’ with the things that I’m into…I’m still human. And my human experience is meant to be valued, just as anyone else’s is.

What shall be my ultimate legacy?

My ultimate legacy is that I want people to remember me, Gary, for being that person that you could always rely on to lift your spirits. But I also want people to remember me for knowing when to set boundaries when their trauma and their drama tried to drop me down to a level that wasn’t transcending this earthly plane. I want people to remember me for being so connected to myself and doing the self work that is necessary to be a strong man that no one can ever question my intentions or my integrity. I want to be remembered for being a personality and a speaker that incites change, incites compassion, and excites others to be in the same space as him, even when I am experiencing my social anxieties and worries. I still refuse to lose the essence of self, and I want people to remember that no matter where I am, what language I may use, who I may speak to, that I had the best interest of myself first in order to help support the interests of others that are willing to make the steps and the changes, and I’m still vulnerable enough to know that every day is a new opportunity to learn. I’m growing and expanding every day, and I want that to be the truth that people see. I want to be remembered as someone who may not be your typical ‘social commentator’, but someone who had a voice in this world that made people stop, think, reassess where they were, and actually try to better themselves. No one is doing that type of work right now the way that I do it, and I will be the first real ass motherfucker to come across spreading love, light, thug shit, and a truth that is filled with compassion through my writing, my appearances on shows, my voice being heard via various mediums, and just emulating the bad bitch that I’ve always thought myself to be, but scared to actually be.

What steps must I take to begin and sustain these efforts?

I have to start putting my efforts into trying to get a video show running. I have to get my audition video for these TV shows up – I am so obsessed with them and have just been fearful of getting them done. I want to still model and take photographs – I’m not a size 28 in pants anymore. I’m not really a size small in shirts. I have eczema. But I have to remember that my imperfections are what make me memorable. I also can still take care of my body the way that I want to, on my own terms, and stop allowing the appearances of others and others’ successes to dictate whether or not I am successful the way I want to be; I know I am successful the way I am now, and I have to heighten that level of appreciation for self. I have to get out of my own head and allow the things that truly hold me back from my own greatness to not affect me in any way. This is the first step.

Afterwards, I have to enlist the assistance of others who are willing to hear me out and help me and help guide me towards the path that I want to go down, and do the work it takes in order to get to the place I want to be. I know that I can’t do this alone, and I have to open up to allow others to want to assist me in that process. There are many people that do, and I need to be more intentional about allowing those others to be a part of my life, setting those times up to meet with them, and stop being afraid to own my greatness.

I also have to remember that I am an introvert, and I can’t overwhelm myself with actions because if I do, I will fall out of love with everything that I’m doing and feel like I’m not actually moving towards the place that I want to. I have to be intentional in my steps, and take them piece by piece and not fight with myself when I feel like I’m not “doing enough” daily. What I am able to give daily is my best, and I have to start giving daily instead of being complacent with where I am. Okay, maybe not daily, but a hell of a lot more than what I’m doing now. And when it gets to a place that I am able to function without the current job I’m in/move out of a place that literally drains my soul (that’s the first job), I’ll be able to do more with what I truly see myself doing. And give myself time to allow that to happen. I truly am drained by this job on a regular basis and haven’t had time to heal from all the traumas I have experienced. The good old saying is, “You can’t heal in the place you got sick in.” And I got extremely sick last year, and I’m sick of it already this year for a variety of reason.

What will I orient my days to accomplishing this week? Month? Year?

I have to write more in my journal. I have to write more in my blog. I have to apply for these TV shows I want to be on (Survivor, Big Brother – even if I get rejected, the action is more important). I have to try and create a YouTube channel or re-do a podcast and come up with the concept completely and have a business plan for it. I have to connect with others. These are all the ideas, and I don’t like to give myself a timeline for things because a lot of the time, I overwhelm myself with this. The idea of just knowing that there are things to accomplish, continually seeing them daily, and then letting the Spirit guide me when it’s time to make a move is how I plan to orient myself to making these changes happen. Days turn into months, that turn into years.

Also, bitches gotta make money. I’m getting run ragged at a job where I am not getting paid my worth. And money is the root of all evil as we know, but I still have a lifestyle to uphold to a ‘certain’ extent, and I have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get me to that place that I don’t feel anxious around spending money. A bitch wants to travel. A bitch wants to see the world. I’m almost 29, and I deserve to experience life to the fullest at this point now, more than ever before. Every day is another blessed day to have another beautiful experience, and I refuse to let life continue to pass me by without making something of it that actually fulfills my spirit.


I hope that these questions and this post helps you to tap inside yourself and see a little bit more of me. I encourage you to write your manifesto out. Give yourself that time and space today. You deserve it.

Amen. Asé.



“Choose an ambition and, with full force, expect that it is possible and that you can make it happen. Give it constant attention and committed effort to your dreams, and your motivation will perpetuate itself. Demonstrate a positive attitude as you strive for great things and take care to create a supportive environment around you that amplifies your motivation.”

This quote comes from a book I’ve referenced before named “The Motivation Manifesto” and this excerpt really hit me last night as I was traveling home from visiting with some friends that I met during me playing my game of Survivor.


Look y’all, I have friends! What is crazy is this is just a fraction of the people that I met literally less than two weeks ago, and we were able to come together and laugh, reconnect, and just recount the experiences we went through. Everyone has their own different path, and everyone has their own different experiences that has led them to where they are. This is how we all were able to come together. It’s funny because even though we all were playing against one another, we were able to put all that aside and come together as friends…as a family. We all have different motivations in life and we all have different passions that push us to do what we do daily. We also have things that we may or may not enjoy about our current situations, but it doesn’t stop us from striving for the best.

Sometimes, we feel like we have come towards these dead ends in life and we don’t know which way is up. This (school) year, I have been trying to emulate the power of positivity. I don’t wake up on the right side of the bed every morning. I don’t wake up wanting to be where I am all the time. However, there is a quote that many teachers and others have heard from various professions which goes a little something like this:

“You are the weather maker of your classroom.”

I use this in the sense of being an educator, and how you show up daily is what you are going to gain or lose when you are in situations that may or may not be extremely pleasing to you. But in this battle, how do you stay motivated? 

We know that deep down, there’s always a pull towards something new or something more aligned to our soul purpose that we may not have the answer to. It’s not like you can rub a genie’s bottle and it’ll magically appear in front of you – it takes time. Going back to the quote I stated earlier, I think a lot about how you know when it’s time to take the jump into something new. It could be a trigger that someone pushes that lets you know that you’re not in the right place. It could be a conversation that helps you to realize and recognize your own true power. These conversations and situations don’t happen unless you have the right people in your corner, pumping you up. The beautiful thing about this though, is that you don’t have to always get these affirmations from those that are close to you. The Universe puts people in your path everyday that can help you realize something new about yourself, or help you realize a boundary that you don’t want to be crossed. Every interaction is a learning lesson towards the life that you want to build for yourself, which helps you to create your truth. All situations and interactions are divine, and you have to trust that your intuition, angels, and Higher Power puts you in places at certain times to either feel rejuvenated, give you time to reflect, or question where you are in regards to making something more out of your reality.

This is something that I have been battling with – searching deeply for what makes me feel at home. In a job. With people. With my actions. Any and everything that can make me feel as though I have found my ‘happy place’. It’s hard to be an individual in this world, searching for what makes you feel like you’ve found a home. If you think about the feeling that you feel when you finally make it home after a long day of work, or after a long trip, it’s a calming, loving, peaceful feeling that consumes you because you are happy to be back in the space of your own powerful energy. Why can’t you experience that in all spaces that you encounter? My personal opinion is that when you are able to find that space of just feeling at peace and nestled into happiness and joy with everything around you, you’re functioning at your highest capacity and your ambition towards receiving that is doing what makes your soul feel aflame. If you still feel some sort of resistance to different aspects of your life, that means that you’re still searching for that place that ‘home’ is for you. If that isn’t where you’re feeling right now, keep searching!!!! The power in continuing to look for that level of not just comfortability, but PURPOSE is what is you should always try and encourage your life to feel like. If you feel like you’re forcing it, that’s not home. If you feel emotionally disconnected, that’s not home. If you feel like your anxiety is peaking and you’re not feeling calm in your own skin where you are, that’s not home. Continue to search for what motivates you to make sure that you’re gaining that feeling of patience, passion, and positivity.

Your dreams can only be manifested if you’re continually keeping them at the forefront of your mind. They won’t come to you immediately, but they will come if you continue to send energy towards them. You have to keep sight of the goal at hand, and what will help you to get there. Yes, it may take you making time outside of your normal obligations. Yes, it may make you uncomfortable and put yourself out there in spaces that aren’t your normal realm of peace and familiarity. But the things that are worth it in life are never the easiest things to attain. 

Stay focused and committed towards what keeps you being ambitious. Focus on what pushes you to feel your oats, and keep you grounded in mind, body, soul, and spirit. Also, ensure that your positive attitude and desires are supported by those that are in your circle, or as I like to call it, a part of your ‘tribe’. Your tribe will always be there to give you a reality check, but they’ll always be the hype men or women in your corner that will push you to attain what you know you truly desire. They see your power. They see your greatness. You should continue to strive for that greatness, and put yourself in environments that will continue to make you push towards that end goal you’re searching for.

I’m a firm believer that maintaining a positive attitude as you navigate this world towards your dreams is the only way to garner what you feel you want and deserve. You just have to learn how to reset yourself and keep your head in the game, and allow your Higher Power and the Universe to do its work. When you let go of trying to control everything and let time and the energy of the world do its thing, you always will come out on top. I’m a firm believer in this mantra, and I’m allowing it all to just work out because I put my efforts into believing that it will. You should too. Fight for your right, and never give up on your truth. It’s the only thing you have that will keep you sane, and keep you moving towards the direction of your own personal freedom and soul mission.

Stay committed to yourself, first and foremost. It’ll pay off in the end. Just trust the process, and you’ll see the fruits of your labor come to pass. It won’t be roses and butterflies everyday, but you will find that space sooner than you believe. Just hang on tight, and you’ll get there. Trust me.

Amen. Asé.


You ‘Bout Dat Life?

“We must’nt let our dreams die in the daylight because we lose focus while responding to the world’s lame interests or false emergencies.” – Brendon Burchard, The Motivation Manifesto.

Happy Lionsgate Portal everyone! I hope that each of you are feeling free today, and have been able to release some of the energy that has been plaguing you recently, and have allowed love to enter your atmosphere. Before I begin talking about today’s subject that’s lying on my heart, I want to address the Lionsgate Portal.

Today’s Lionsgate Portal always happens around this time of year, and it’s mainly focused on allowing yourself to open your heart, your eyes, and feel safe with doing such. For me, I interpret it as allowing yourself to be vulnerable, so that others can be vulnerable. You’re probably in the midst of going through some really tough lessons, or rehashing prior lessons that you thought you had already moved past coming back into your spirit. Being aware of your heart chakra and third eye chakra and loving yourself and loving others is extremely important on today, and moving forward. If you haven’t already, take some time for focusing on what the idea of love is to you, and whether or not you truly love yourself and love others around you, even if they have done you wrong. We were all put on this planet in order to spread love and connect, and as social media, differences, and society naturally try to pit us against one another, I want you to take a second and focus on whether or not you are leading with love on today. It’s our job as a human race to leave this planet better than the way that we found it, and every day, with what’s going on around us, it feels harder. You, however, have the capacity to create a space for love and light, and radiate that no matter where you go. Whether that means thanking someone for their services at a restaurant, smiling at a stranger in the streets as you pass them, or just being a listening ear for a friend that really needs to vent, you can make a choice to be full of love and compassion towards another. Everyone’s journey in life is different, and everyone deserves to be showered with love no matter what is going on in your world, or theirs.

Another huge part of this portal is making sure to cover and cleanse your cerebellum chakra. I’m sure you’re like, what the hell is that? Well, it’s located on the back of your neck, right beneath your hairline. Take some time today to let warm water rinse along the back of it, use some essential oils, and massage the back of your neck and recite this mantra that I so graciously was able to learn about from Forever Conscious, a site I visit regularly when I’m trying to be spiritually fed. (Thank you guys, if you ever see my site!)

“It is safe for me to open my heart, it is safe for me to open my eye. It is safe for me to lean into all that I feel. For when I do, I find my strength, I find my truth, and I find what I’m guided to do.”

All of this transitions into the topic that I wanted to talk about, and that is motivation. The last part of the mantra I stated, about finding what you are guided to do, is directly connected to this topic of motivation and doing what you feel passionately led to do.

Today, I decided to take some time to disconnect from everything. I left my phone at home and took a walk in nature for about two hours alone, not having any distractions. It was quite the time, because I was able to just enjoy and listen to the sounds of nature and what was going on around me. I smiled at waitresses and started conversation, I ventured into new stores I hadn’t ever ventured into, and just allowed myself to go wherever my feet led me. I found myself in this really awesome store in my neighborhood where I found some really awesome essential oils, sage, and other really awesome products called Life Wellness. I found it ironic that while I was there and speaking to the cashier and checking out the products, she had checked the time on her phone and 2:22 brightly popped up. It just affirmed that I was in the right place at the right time. Whenever I see “angel numbers” or repeated numbers (11:11, 1:11, 12:34, 3:33, 5:55, 7:11), it’s a sign that I’m in tune with the Universe’s energy and I’m right where I need to be at the right time. I took some time to sit at the store and write and just think about what was going on in my life and how grateful I am to be doing some more of the things that motivate me and make me happy, such as going to that store and getting these items that helped rejuvenate my spirit.

After leaving, I wanted to take some time to sit and read. I’ve been reading this book called “The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power” by Brendon Burchard for quite some time. It’s been taking me a long time to read the book because literally every page in the book scalps me bald. It’s just such a good read and really makes me sit and reflect, even after reading 10 pages. While reading today, I came across the topic of being motivated to do things, and truly resonating in what is important to you when it comes to putting in that work towards your goals. We all have dreams and desires that we want to see come to pass, but a lot of times, we get caught up in the worry about not getting the results that we want immediately, and that slows us down in regards to the process it takes to get there. It is as if our motivation depletes because we think about the work that goes into getting what we desire, and we may think it too hard or too time consuming.

Now, I want to push your thinking a bit. If you’re really motivated to do something and you truly want something to be a part of your aura and energy, do you ever really get tired of doing what it takes to get there?

I’ll give you a personal example. I joined a gym in early July because I really have been wanting to get a nice body. What was my motivation for joining the gym? Well, I can’t sit here and fake – I see everyone and their tight bodies all over Instagram and Twitter, flaunting their booty cheeks and bodies everywhere, trying to get #summerready or have that #foreverbody, and it makes me want the same. I’ve struggled with body dysmorphia for the past 7 years, and a lot of times, social media has made me feel insecure with how I look. Even when I was at my smallest, which was around 127 pounds (I’m about 5’6″) last summer, I still felt like I was imperfect and that I had things I could do better with my body. Now, I wasn’t in the best place mentally nor health wise, and was starving myself, and I lost that weight unintentionally. Now, I’ve put on weight and I’m still a bit insecure when it comes to how I look, and I joined the gym because at the time, I was motivated to get the body that I always wanted. Here’s an insider secret:

I hate the fuckin’ gym. I hate working out. Why? I just really hate sweating and it’s a commitment that you have to make that I haven’t fully invested myself in yet. I can truly own that, and I haven’t also been making it a true habit in order to go to the gym because I lack the mental focus and desire to be there every day or even every other day at this point. That’s a fault of mine, and today’s reading made me sit back and assess whether or not having a dream body was a true dream of mine, or if it was something I was doing just to please other people and myself. I definitely want to be healthier, but I have to make sure that I make it a habit to take care of myself, and remember the reason why I do what I do in order to have results. It’s all about refocusing my mind and desires, and knowing that the work that I put in will have results as long as I stay consistent and remember that the end goal will be worth it when I actually recalibrate the reason why I want to have a better body.

I want to have a better body, better eating habits, and better overall lifestyle because it’ll help me to feel more grounded as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. This is a refocus of mine that I’m working on, and I’ve lacked motivation because I haven’t grounded myself in the “why” completely. One of my dreams is to have a nice little chest for me to be able to look at in the mirror and feel good about, but I also have to remember that my body is my temple and I need to take care of it daily in order for it to be around for years to come. Refocusing my thinking is so important, and when I remember that that is the motivation, I can get in the gym and be good to go. I also have to remember that I don’t need to PUSH myself everyday while I’m at the gym. Me getting there at this point is half the battle, and every time that I’ve pushed myself to go the gym against my desire to be there, I’ve felt good after leaving because I’ve accomplished something. I hate the cheesy quote, but it’s true: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” This forever body won’t be built in a day either, and I have to remember that consistent work towards my goal is what is the most important to gaining what I want. I also have to remember my “why”, and I have to remember to motivate myself to remember that my “why” is that I want to be around on this Earth as long as the Universe will let me be, and my Higher Power will allow me to be here. I can assist in this by making sure I’m taking care of my temple as best as possible.

I want to compare this motivation for going to the gym with another motivation of mine: up-keeping this blog and writing in it consistently.

Daily, I find so much passion in writing in this blog. I find so much joy doing this work, and having people read the posts that I write. I wake up in the morning, excited to curate something new. A passion of mine is becoming a published author, and I know that through the practice of writing daily, it’s a great way for me to get closer to my goals. I also know that I stay motivated to write daily because it’s such a beautiful release for me, and I’m motivated because I know other people potentially can get something from my writing. I do this writing for me, first and foremost, but am grateful when others can gain something from the information and vulnerability that I share that other folks may struggle to. I love the idea of human connection, and if I’m the person that can keep it real and be the light for someone else, it legitimately makes me smile and feel like I’m shining and moving in my purpose. My motivation for keeping this blog full of posts and work is simple: I have a bigger goal in mind and I know that every day is a process and it’s something that I love doing. I have a clear vision as to my “why” when it comes to writing, and this is what keeps me invested in continuing to create daily, whether it’s something huge or not. Now, if only I were able to transfer this into me wanting to go to the gym…

But wait. I can. I have the choice to do such if I remember to motivate myself and do what I can slowly but surely. I look at me getting out into the world, walking around and getting fresh air for two hours as my exercise for the day. I mean, I was sweating like a pig, and if you know me personally, you know that I barely like to leave my house in the first place. So for me, to get out of the house and do something in the streets was a push for me. Baby steps. And this is something I can transfer to getting into the gym, watching what I eat, and staying healthy.

Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to be more motivated. You can’t hope for motivation, but you have to choose an ambition to be motivated for. You have to be rooted in your why, and not get distracted by other things that take you away from doing what needs to be done. You have to make choices that sustain the desire to keep going. This may be you enlisting someone else to make sure that they help you stay on top of tasks that you truly want to do. Sometimes, looking at it on a sticky note that you put on your wall and seeing that as your motivation regularly is just as important to have as a reminder. You have to have focus on what you want to achieve, because without focus, you will lack results. This goes back to the quote that I stated at the beginning. You can’t take your eyes off your goals and wait for the “right time” to start. Every day is not promised, and I want you to remember that. But every day that you have breath in your body, it’s an opportunity for you to be able to stay motivated and allow your desires to come to fruition if you are dedicated to it.

If you’re trying to become a YouTube star, an actor, a singer, or even the CEO of your own company, you have to stay motivated to do the work and have people in your corner that can assist you in keeping yourself accountable. People always won’t be there to hold you accountable, so you have to hold yourself accountable for your actions and your motivation first. If it’s something that truly matters to you, you’ll figure out a way to make something happen every day, little by little. Motivation only feels fickle to those that aren’t attentive to their ambitions and what they desire. Sometimes, you just have to set your goals daily and visualize what you want your end goal to be. The more effort you put into visualizing and internalizing what your end goal to be, the more you are able to see it come to pass.

Take some time today to think about what you truly want out of your life and go within. Ask yourself what you want for yourself and what new goal would be meaningful for you. What gives you excitement when it comes to learning or giving, and what great adventure do you dream of? What will push me out of bed each morning? When you can tap into those things and figure out what they are, and hold yourself accountable, knowing that the path won’t be easy, the more you are going to be able to get closer to your goals. It’s all about having faith, and expecting that it will happen no matter what because day by day, you’re making things happen. You may have to ask for help, but as long as you stay persistent in your pursuits, you’ll be good to go.

Visualize your goals, and internalize what it will take for you to get yourself where you want to be. Believe in yourself that your desires will happen. I know I believe in you, if you don’t think anyone else does. Your dreams will become a reality over time as long as you see yourself gaining what you want to see at the forefront of your life. And remember that every day is a step in the right direction as long as you continue to work towards your goals. 

Maybe you should take some time to journal about some of the things that I pushed you to read about today. Fixate on a dream and believe that it will see the daylight soon. Don’t take your eyes off your goals, and continue to do what’s necessary along the way to get one step closer.

“It is the obvious equation and the ultimate secret; the deeper and longer I give attention to my ambition and passions, the more motivation I feel.”

Stay up, stay motivated, and stay connected to your “why” on today. Are you really about that life? If you are, get to work.

Amen. Asé.