expressions of gratitude come in a variety of forms. you know, your man may get you a good edible arrangement sent to your job. maybe in order to show that you’re thankful towards a boss, you’ll do something for them like get a gift card for them to a place you know they like or something. or whatever actions you may take with anyone that you care about, …you go out of your way sometimes to show that you care. well, this year the way i’m going to practice showing my gratitude is by observing Ramadan, which begins today.

why Ramadan? this is going to sound crazy, but watching the tv show Ramy on Hulu gave insight to the Muslim perspective in America (or at least one millennial’s version of it as he searches for spirituality) and the show is just good in general as a watch. however, the search for deeper meaning of spirituality and himself gave me a tinge of a point for personal reflection. one episode was completely dedicated to Ramadan and growing up, i have had a number of Muslim friends who have observed Ramadan. this year however, i have SO MUCH to be grateful for. and simply just being alive is enough to be grateful for.

now, i did try Lent out this year but that was a flop. the reason why is because when i began, i wasn’t as dedicated to it. i felt like it was something i was going to ‘try’ to do – my level of investment wasn’t there. and when i broke it the first time unknowingly after day 6, i just gave up altogether. this on the other hand…this for me feels like a time to truly give back to myself, my Higher Self, my Ancestors, God, Obatalá, my egún, my Ori and my angels. now, I’m not Muslim…but why can’t i practice fasting, giving reverence where it is due, and sacrificing a bit of something so small in life in order for me to spiritually grow?

i have never seen the point of being limited to a box for anything. i don’t think it makes any fucking sense to box any sort of practices and religions in unless you are to undergo an initiation to become some sort of practitioner in a religious sect/background. otherwise, find your fuvking peace, bro. you’re the author of what that looks like for you and i have decided to take the reins on that this year.

for your own sake and i mean, this could help someone else too. why am i going to be diving into this? aside from me wanting to try this out for my own personal desire and strength of spirit, i want to start weaning out some bad habits that i have. i also want to see what i can create and give my time to when i’m not filling it with other things i may be doing that waste it. i want to see what routines i can enhance or make better for myself. i also am personally excited to be able to devote guaranteed time to meditate, pray, and go within for clarity. this will even be observed during the work day, and having that level of peace is something that i believe is going to bring me such enlightenment. i don’t mind the fasting – the ‘no drinking water’ thing is gonna be hard because i talk all day but i’ll manage.

regardless of how this goes, there is a lesson i will gain through all of this i am excited to lean into. when you expand your viewpoint and attempt to try new things out, new blessings come from new lessons. give it a try, and meet me in the street. we ain’t on the playground no more.

be blessed. ramadan mubarak.

amen. asé.


midnight oil. [accelerated motion]




These were the words that were ringing in my head this week. the winds of change have been flowing through our lives like no other, and now we have come to the end of Mercury Retrograde which is exciting. Even though we have to consider the shadow period after the end of the Retrograde, it feels like there are some people that are waiting to mash the pedal in the driver’s seat of their car, ready to go. Fire, love, and passion are what seems to be resonating in the air right now. Even through hardships that we may have encountered recently, we have still been able to see some sort of light in some respect at the end of it all. Gratitude. The practice of being present is a constant act that one has to follow and dedicate themselves to – I have said this time and time again, and we are here to connect on a higher level.

This week, I’ve had the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone a lot more in a manner that I wasn’t necessarily expecting. I’ve done things that weren’t necessarily what I anticipated having to do. From jury duty to covering ISS one day this week to basically being a babysitter to mentoring kids and their relationship woes, I’ve endured a lot of victories that I can sit back and reflect on. Consistent action is what I feel has been the catalyst this whole time when it comes to well-being. It just has to be the right type of action that you need to uncover that lights your fire, and when you get there, you’re pretty much set. Then, you officially have the blueprint in regards to where you are headed because of the self-activated actions that are put behind your badass. Gratefulness.

As this is happening, I have given myself the most love possible. I’ve been surrounding myself with people who help ‘fill my bucket’ as they say. And I fill theirs. I’ve been having profound conversations with a variety of people. I’ve been able to minister in ways that I didn’t even anticipate being able to do, or ever saw myself doing. This is all I’ve ever wanted out of life and the gratitude that I feel being of service to others is unexplainable. It also helps me to get through my reality in a way that I truly feel present and also give myself that compassion to keep going and follow my heart. A lot of the time, those voices that I hear inside my head aren’t mine. They’re the voices of people that have said things to me in life that stuck, and they came from people that I trusted and loved in a way that I took their word as bond. That narrative would begin to replay in my head for quite some time, and I realized that those destructive timelines only play themselves out into self-sabotage. Taking a moment to love on myself and catch myself as best as I can any time I feel like I’m stepping into a territory of feelings that doesn’t need to be given too much energy is a task. But it’s a task that I welcome on and heal myself in the process.

You’re moving fast in life right now. Things are about to pick up. The winds are blowing. The oceans are moving. Will you survive and thrive, or will you fall by the wayside? The choice is yours. There’s accelerated motion in your DNA right now towards your goals. Put some time aside to make them real. And take care of your heart. You deserve you, and we deserve you too.

Amen. Asé.