intuition says ‘yes’

intuition is a son of a bitch, and i mean that in the most loving way either. when you learn to listen to that gut feeling, it really just serves you some shit up on a silver platter that you never expect. sometimes, the end goal is not what was necessarily planned…but that’s okay. you get the clarity that you need in some way. that intuition doesn’t kick in unless you trust yourself. do you? what do you truly think about yourself? If you don’t answer quickly with a loving response, let’s take a step back and figure out why?

what thought patterns are hindering you from being able to see yourself at your highest self right now? why are you so critical of things that others probably aren’t as critical of you of? rest assured, i can tell you…whatever you’re pressed as a panini about right now isn’t going to matter in the grand scheme of things. trust & believe. you are creating a mountain out of a molehill right now, and you need to tighten it up and remember that nothing is actually wrong with you, what you think, how you move, all of that. other people feel resistance to your freedom because they don’t know how to function in the same way that you do. and is it their job to do so? absolutely not. that resistance creates judgment and then judgment creates a lack of inertia when it comes to your dreams, desires and your moves. you tend to shell up and falter in ways that aren’t necessary for you to do because of another’s input.

set yourself free, beloved.

shucking and jiving in a way that’s authentic to you serves you and brings you joy in ways you would have never imagined. that clarity and peace that courses through you is unmatched. personally, since this journey with ramadan beginning there has been such a level of clarity and stuff that i have been grateful for. the prayers, the fasting (even though i’ve had to modify it because of my health and stuff), the thoughts and the vulnerability that comes with it. . . is unmatched. it’s made a lot of things concrete for me that i may have had questions or inklings about and has blessed me in a variety of ways that i couldn’t even begin to explain. for that alone, i am grateful beyond measure. the journey of self-exploration, faith and security is a tumultuous yet beneficial one and i implore you to try it out.

you have so many keys to so many doors. it’s time to catch your deliverance.

amen. asé.