Happy October. It’s already a bit into October thus far, and we are about to go into Venus Retrograde. I have been feeling a bit disconnected overall with everything in my life. After losing my student and dealing with a variety of nightmares, lucid dreams, astral projections, and so many other emotions, I’ve just been drained. Trauma is real out here, and I’m starting to realize why my whole life has been feeling like a show in so many ways. This is beside the point though. I want to focus on the upcoming transits that are happening and why they are so important/my own personal reflections on them.

Venus Retrograde has already started, and we have been probably feeling a lot coming up in regards to relationships and the dynamics that your relationships have. Some of these relationships that you have been engaging in have some sort of shadow side, and some don’t. It’s important to remember what is most important at your depth and how you can transcend certain feelings and heal so that way you can determine whether or not the people in your life are worth your time or whether or not they are draining your energy. This is the perfect time for people from your past to pop up, and for you to disconnect from those that do not serve your greater purpose in relationships or acquaintanceships. This is a time of growth and making sure that you are letting certain people drop out of your life that aren’t meant for you to take along for the ride. It will make the underlying hidden themes very real for you and push you to trust your intuition when it comes to who is right for you and who isn’t. It’s time for you to plug into your feelings and really trust what the Universe is telling you and guiding you towards when it comes to a variety of relationships in your life.

When I think about the ethernet cable, it shows my age because the ethernet cable is what I had to use to connect to the Internet before we had wonderful WiFi and all that. I used to have to manually plug myself in to able to download what was necessary and get access to all of what I need. What’s wonderful is that we have evolved so much as a society and as a people that we don’t have to do that anymore, and this is also parallel to being able to tap into our souls and know what’s going to be best for us as we endure this Venus Retrograde.

We also have a New Moon coming up on the 8th that is going to take place in Libra, and that is going to remind us of what is really important in our lives. In an upcoming post (as I’ll have a bit more time coming up – personal life things have really been taking away from my ability to write as much as I would like and I don’t like that), I will dive more into how important this transit is and how powerful it is to have a new beginning. I’m in transit of starting a new emotional beginning myself and waking up to the things that don’t serve me anymore, and I implore you to do the same.

Before I leave, I want you to ask yourself what role in life are you plugged into the most right now and how can you take charge of diving deeper into these different roles when it comes to your personal power and taking hold of your future.

Are you the observer, who is self-aware and mastering your decisions by evaluating what is the right decision in all instances?

Are you the director, who is the proactive and intentional creator of your life and paying attention to the details of your story in order to bring forth the best possible outcome for all characters in your life, putting yourself as the star of the show?

Are you the guardian, who protects their mind, body, and soul and doesn’t allow things that take you out of your spiritual context to push your forward?

Are you the warrior, who fights purposefully, wanting more for your life and asking what you will stand for in life and making sure that you will fight for it?

Are you the lover, who never forgets whom you are fighting for and are purposeful in tending to reconnecting to your heart and being the best lover possible to yourself and others?

Are you the leader who helps to drive humanity and the collective towards uplifting mankind and improving the world and influencing it?

Take some time to use that ethernet cable this week, plug into what’s important to you, and figure out which role you need to make more of an effort to become in order to be blessed with your new beginning on your own terms.

Until next time.

Amen. Asé.


Circles and Squares

Happy New Moon in Virgo, everyone! The New Moon in Virgo is connected to manifesting the dreams we have been hoping and praying for, and allowing them to come to pass. Today is also 9/9, and today’s date also has a lot of significant meaning when it comes to the Universe and its creation. The 99 Gateway is happening today, and if you would like some more information about its importance, you should go here and read about it. TL;DR – you should be focusing on loving yourself first so that way you can ensure that you are able to send love to others as well. Human connection is important in regards to our life here on Earth, and making sure you’re spending time healing connections with yourself first and with others.

Today, I did a little ritual where I sat and meditated for 30 minutes about the dream life that I wanted to have for myself, and allowed myself to finally daydream for once and think of all I wanted to see come to fruition. Visions of my future and the things that I want to see manifest themselves in my life is where I put a lot of my energy. I took inventory of the people in my life, what actually helped me feel stronger daily, and the things I actually want to accomplish and see for myself, no matter how inane they may sound to someone else. I then took some time to write down 10 actions steps I could take that were somewhat small in order to try and get towards the visions that I saw for me. After writing those action steps, I put them in a place that I can revisit them daily to help ground myself towards achieving the life that I want for myself – it helps me to remember why I’m here on Earth and was chosen to fulfill this soul mission.

If you haven’t taken some time to do that today, I would suggest you taking a moment to do such. Think about what your dream life would look like. Think about what you would be doing, how you would be feeling, and where you would be if life was “perfect” if it was dictated by your own being. Think of the people that would be a part of your life also, and whether or not the ones that are around you are people that deserve to be a part of your space. All of these things are important when it comes to having the happiness and life that you see yourself having.

Sometimes, we have some squares in our circle and we don’t need that energy in our lives. I was having a conversation with a friend today about how he was feeling disappointed in regards to him putting himself out there for others and really not receiving back what he deserves. This was a conversation that broke my heart, especially coming from him. He is such a kind soul, and many people can steal our joy, even when we don’t intend for them to do that. Folks can be soul suckers and savages, and some people are so self-interested that they only USE you for their own personal gain without keeping in mind that you’re a person. This New Moon energy is all about letting that shit go and letting those wack people go because they’re not functioning on the same frequency as you. However, I want to encourage you to not overreact and eviscerate them because of how they’ve done you. Lovingly just release them and their energy from your life. No one wants to deal with someone or something that takes away from their light.

I also would encourage you to spend some time sending love to those that have always been in your corner, giving you tough love, pushing you towards the dreams that you have been wanting to see happen in your life. When you have folx that you can be vulnerable with in that regard, it allows you to connect on such a deeper soul level that helps you to see flaws in yourself that make you better. I think of how I just got clocked by my partner the other day for making excuses for things just because of small setbacks. Those that really want to see you grow will always uplift you in a way that keeps it real with you, but also know you well enough to now it’s for your greater good and holds you accountable.

Squares can’t fit in circles for a reason. They just don’t match. They have different makeups. Everyone is on their different paths in life, and some take longer to get there than others. Even those that seem like they are on their ‘right path’ potentially may not be, and it could just be a detour towards something else. Don’t idolize what you don’t have and other’s may – just focus on what you got going on for yourself, and keep putting that loving energy into your spirit so that way you can make use of it. I think of how you know what’s best for you, and if someone isn’t willing to be well-rounded…they aren’t on the path towards becoming their best self. Circles are always moving in a rotation and always come back to what helps them start at their beginning. There are no questions about where they are ending also because they continue to move on and on. Think of who is continually reinventing themselves for their greater good, and those that just get stuck in their own ways. Don’t spend your time getting left in the dust because of your rigidity.

People change, and if you are not working on changing and becoming better, what are you really doing with your life? All in all, think about how you can become the best version of yourself, what actions you need to take to get there, and how you can focus on what is most important for your own personal gain and who has been a light and a support on getting you there. You’ll reap the benefits in so many ways. Let your fantasies run wild. Be encouraged to daydream. Search inside yourself for the life and the beauty you have only thought was an illusion. It can become real if you allow yourself to make it real. Just trust the process, and you’ll get there before you even know it. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Amen. Asé.


Tarot Pull – 8.11.18 – Salamanders

Happy Super New Moon in Leo and Partial Solar Eclipse, guys! Today has been a day of intuition and circumstance for me, and I’ve spent a lot of it doing things and decluttering my physical space in a way that can make room for something newer and bigger to enter my life. I know a lot of my friends said they spent their day feeling tired or feeling frantic, and if this was you today, know that this is normal. Today is the first day of that energy being let out into the Universe, and it’ll start to ease itself away from you as time goes on. Be focused on the fact that this is the first step into a new you. You have the power to make whatever you want to see happen, and rest is important when it comes to your own personal self-work. You can’t go a mile a minute and not take a moment for self – you also shouldn’t feel guilty about it either. I’ve been learning that day by day, and starting to feel less and less guilty about my insular moments, or when I feel like my emotions are off-kilter. I just go into spaces where I can recenter myself, and feel like the work I’m doing or the spaces I enter are the best for me and where I want my energy to be.

I spent this morning hearing some wonderful stories about the shortcomings people have overcome, and then had some time to visit an old coworker from my very first job in New York. It’s always nice to be able to reconnect with people from your past that will always have a special place in your heart. What was great about this interaction today was that I was gifted with something small I asked the Universe for a while ago. I’d been looking for a new tote bag, because the one that I have is cool, but I wanted something a bit cooler and nicer.

Today, my former coworker, who is really into music and art (that’s how we bonded, plus he is a Scorpio so we got that same kinda energy) has been in the process of getting rid of a lot of things that didn’t serve him. He gifted me with a painting he made of Marion Brown, a jazz artist, and it was something to add to my space. What’s funny is I have been seeing a lot of people post about new artwork they had been buying for their apartment, and I have never been a huge person to have artwork. Well, as of today, I have a new authentic painting of Marion Brown from a friend of mine who actually has a great eye for art, and a brand new tote bag because I had to find a way to carry it home in the rain. He also gifted me with a brand new sweater, and these really cool glasses that he can’t use anymore, but make me look like an even badder bitch.

He’s also a musician, and you can check out his work here – he goes by the stage name Luke Ferrari and he gave me this really awesome pin that I put onto one of my hats. His work is super dope, and takes me back to a really special place that reminds me of the type of music I listened to growing up – a mixture of rock and euphoric music. It was a rainy day here in New York, and getting to vibe out with him was great.

Afterwards, I had come home to figure out where to put the painting. I had to declutter a bit of my space, and I started going through old paperwork and things from past jobs that I knew I didn’t need anymore. It felt like I was seeing old lifestyles and spaces that I used to inhabit coming back out at me, and ripping up those papers and getting rid of them was freeing. It also allowed me to declutter my energetic space, and make more room for the things that are important to me and give my apartment a bit more panache.


Then, I made a spiritual bath for myself (if you want to know more about that, you should submit a question/comment so I can explain to you what that is, and what I did to create it), ate some food, and then showered and doused myself in the spiritual bath. I felt very clean, fresh, and felt like some things that I was ushering out of my life were sealed for good after accomplishing taking that spiritual bath. Now, I’m feeling a bit tired, but relaxed. It’s just what I needed for the end of a rainy Saturday. I’ve got a couple more days before I officially start work back (not ready to enter that realm of turmoil but a bitch has to make coin), and something really exciting to look forward to this upcoming weekend before I go back. I’m grateful for all the positive energy today has brought, and how small manifestations the Universe heard were able to come to fruition without me having to spend a dime.

If you don’t know me, you don’t know that my catch phrase is “If it’s free, it’s for me.” So, anything that’s up my alley that is free is definitely what I enjoy. Also, another subset to that catch phrase is “the closer to free, the better for me”, because wherever I can cut corners to save a buck (especially these days when my money ain’t as long as it used to be), I will.

Anyways, enough about me. Let’s get into the pull for today.

Today’s pull is an elemental card called Salamanders.


Salamanders is an elemental card from the deck that I use. A bit more about elemental cards.

“The elementals represent an evolutionary stage in the angelic scale. They represent the four elements: air, water, fire, and earth. They are the impulses that enliven the idea or conception that nothing is inert, static or motionless, but that, on the contrary, the work of God is latent in everything. The theory was conceived that there is a governing force in one of the each elements. These forces, called “elementals” were modeled according to human ideas, and they were included in artistic creations. They were present in dreams and hopes. They formed countless literary works and films, not all of them for children.”

As we see, elementals represent evolution. As today is a day where we are evolving from one stage to the next, the final stage, closing doors and opening new ones and allowing them to come to fruition, The final stage makes me think of that final boss on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Sega that was always hard as shit to beat as a chid for me. But, eventually, after trying many a times, I was able to succeed. I see this tarot pull as one that signifies the beginning of something new in life. As you can see on the card, the Salamanders are all represented by fire in some sense.

“In the Fire, the salamanders live, representing strength, the earth’s internal fire, the first spark that lights everything, directing this energy from the center of the earth towards the surface. They also direct the energy from the sun toward our planet, taking away shadows and darkness, which, in turn, are supported by the apprehensions and fears created by the typical insecurity of the human being.”

This word fear makes me think of a post from another friend of mine, Spirit, who has a YouTube page where she recently discussed fear the difference between rational fear and irrational fear. If you would like to understand the difference between the two and think about ways you can move past some of your irrational fears, you should give that video and her channel a look here.

I want you to sit and think about the fire in your belly that you have towards something. Is there something that’s getting in the way of you manifesting your best life? What is that, and why are you scared of moving forward? What blockages do you need to erase in order to allow that fire to come to the surface? Is there someone or something that’s got you trippin’, and you need a reset in order to come to your senses? Ponder on this right now, because the energy is telling me that it is your time to shine, but you have to tap deep down into yourself and let your insecurities melt away. Ain’t no reason for you to not be brave, bitch.

The text states, “These animals govern physiological functions, collaborating in the process of digestion and body temperature. They provide drive and courage, as well as bravery and justice. This card may represent a man or a woman in his or her forties or with much experience in life, who fights for ideals and who is a great thinker, strategist, army officer, or ruler. His or her will is strong, and he or she is dynamic and optimistic, as well as real and rational.”

We all have the ability to tap into this Universal wisdom that resides inside of us, but many of us are scared to take the leap. When was the last time you were worried to do something because of how it might come across to others? When was the last time that you allowed your lack of bravery and your lack of showing up for yourself to get in the way? There is no reason for you to let fear be your barometer. I heard this quote today and I think it’s great here – do you think there is a limousine with FEAR plastered pulls up to your house everyday, and it is your job to hop inside?

I hope you answered ‘hell the fuck no’. It’s your job to push past your worries, and remember that every opportunity and action is a lesson to push you forward. You have the earth supporting you, the Universe supporting you, but you have to remember that support comes from self first. You have strong will, and you may have needed that reminder today. Take the time now to claim your personal power, and remember that there ain’t no reason for you to not be courageous and be brave in taking on your endeavors. As long as you fight for what is idealistic for you and it doesn’t harm others, how can you lose? As long as you’re rational and think things through without being worried about every little piece, you will be fine.

I think this is perfect in terms of the energy the Universe is trying to serve us today. Remember that now is the time to pop the hell out. You deserve to. Your season is here. I want you to revel in it, and remember that your birthright is happiness, and your fire should never die. When it dies, you lose yourself, and that’s not what will help you get to the next level that you deserve to see yourself at.

Take some time to reconnect to that fire in your belly. It’s there – I can feel it from here. Use all that’s within you in order to push forward and burn the competition and those hater bitches that are in your way. And normally, those hater bitches are your inside voices telling you ‘no’. Tell them to shut the hell up, eat their food and mind their business.

I hope you guys go into the rest of the weekend in power, and remember – you can’t fail if you never try.

Amen. Asé.


Tarot Pull – 8.10.18 – Elebba/Eleguá/Eleggua

Happy Friday, friends, spristas, and family! Today is the day before the New Moon, which is in Leo and it’s a Super New Moon. There is also a partial Solar Eclipse happening, and this all goes down tomorrow early in the morning at 5:57 AM. As a Scorpio, I’m taking my time to rest and just prepare for all of the shit that is about to go down tomorrow to essentially be the final chapter of what we have been experiencing. I’m ready for a restart in so many ways, and know I am in control along with my Higher Power to usher in that energy. Remember, there are legit six planets in retrograde currently (Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, and now Uranus as of this week) so if you have been feeling all over the place emotionally, don’t think that it’s just because of you being crazy. The Universe and the cosmos are literally all over the place right now. If you have been seeing old things/issues come to the surface, and you’ve been trying to start anew or make amends to things, this is the perfect time to make sure that you prepare intentions for this new phase in your life and what you want to see happening. Lessons are wrapping up, and you have the ability to create and manifest what you want to see actually happening in your life, and leave all that other mess at the door.

The New Moon in Leo will truly make you focus on what makes you happy, and allow you to do that final work in reflection on what routines, habits, and actions you need to take in order to function at your personal best. It’s truly a time to let go of the past, and look towards the future, remembering that everything can change at the drop of a dime if you make the efforts to do such with a positive mindset. Remember that post on motivation I had? This is an optimal time to finishing figuring out what doors you want to close, and what roads you want to open towards your path to happiness, success, and your own personal truth. Things will start to become even more clearer to you than ever before, so take heed as to what your intuition is leading you to, and how you feel in any and all situations. Since this is a Super New Moon, it’s gonna be wild, so hold onto your socks!

Today’s tarot pull is SUPER timely, and I find it interesting that it’s what I pulled today because of what is happening around me personally, and happening with the Universe tomorrow. Today, I pulled the card Elebba/Eleggua.


“Eleggua is the patron of all doors and of all roads. Therefore the magical keys to open the most inviolable locks and the permits to walk the different paths that humanity will travel belong to him.”

In the title, you may notice that I referenced this card many a ways. Dependent upon the background that one may understand the Orishas, Elebba/Eleggua/Eleguá may be spelled differently, but it all means the same thing. He is the one that is the door opener, and the one that opens new paths towards what is designed for you. Most people who practice Santería, Candomblé, or Palo Mayombe believe him to be the “master of force”, and you must have his approval before moving down the path that you seek. He is the protector of villages and cities and towns, and his image is to be placed behind or close to the entrance of the house. If you think about it, your comings in and goings out have to be blessed in order to manifest the dreams and truth that you want.

This morning during my dice divination, I rolled a 3 and a 6. This just shows me that I’m right where the energy needs to be, as I continue pulling info from my companion booklet.

“He is made up of the soil of three or seven crossroads, water from three or seven rivers, rain collected three or seven times during the third or seventh month or in three or seven months of the year…etc.” I think that this three that I rolled shows that he’s present in this reading and telling me and you all that the roads are here to be walked down. I think of some personal doors that I am opening and working on, and how motivated I’ve been feeling for a change or for something new and exciting to be a part of my path. This just soothes my spirit, knowing that everything that is happening right now is coming in divine timing. I also think of what doors I’ve been working on closing lately, and how that has been helping me to be a better person and feel in a much better space.

Have you gotten a new job lately? Have you been feeling a push towards tackling a new venture? Have you been given a job promotion, or found a new passion in doing something? This could be because the energies around you are supporting you in feeling this. Don’t sleep on this energy – go with it, but don’t tire yourself out from it. Be patient with yourself – it’s all coming together.

The meaning of this card is related to jobs, mainly. “There will be progress in one’s work or job. Abundant productivity. Profitable advertising campaign; your message will be well-received. Tempting and practicable offers. Vitality.”

This is super exciting for me to pull and show you all today because it means that there is something coming that is amazing. The work that you have been putting in is coming to pass, and the Universe is going to give you great karma back if you have been giving the best of yourself to it.

Personally, I know that I have been staying motivated with writing here as much as possible, trying to stay on top of other goals that I have (and I also just finished this super awesome goals worksheet from my girlfriend, Destiny, that helped me to focus on getting in the gym and holding myself accountable for it – you should check her current site out and her new site dropping next month!!!). I have also just thinking about how all of what I’m doing and the energy I’m putting out is being received, first for myself, and then in light of what I want to see manifest in my life even further. As an empath, I’m always thinking of others, and I want to continue to be and shed that light for others, so I do this to help you all get closer towards your personal immaculate design.

This is also perfect timing because lots of doors that were open in my life that weren’t healthy for me are closing, and I’m seeing some of the mental emotional changes that I have been having. If you don’t know, I have had a tumultuous relationship with alcohol for the past …probably 10 years, and I’ve been getting the help that I need to make sure that I stay sober. It hasn’t been an easy road, but I’ve been taking the steps to realize that every day is a step towards a healthy life, and I’m working towards building even stronger relationships in my sobriety. I’m grateful for the work I have done and even though every day isn’t perfect, I’m sober and it’s progress, not perfection.

I know that the sacrifices that I am making and the intentions I am setting to lead a healthier, happier, more honest life are going to be momentous for me and others around me, and I send so much loving energy to you all as we transition into these new astrological moments coming forward.

Are you seeing some of your past doors closing? Are you ensuring that you’re doing work to keep them closed, and thanking yourself for working daily towards seeing what you want to see manifest itself? Remember that you are human and that you are not perfect – it’s all a process, and it all will come to pass if you allow it to. All you can do is just do your best on a regular basis in order to welcome that positivity and that energy. Allow yourself to be supported. Be patient.

I’m so ready for tomorrow – it feels like it’ll be the final exam for me before I start to see my new life completely manifesting itself the way I want to see it happening. Today, I plan on doing some vision setting. I would suggest you take some time to do this today or before Sunday. My birthday is a little less than two and a half months away, and I think this is the perfect time to envision what I want to see happening within the last couple of months before I turn 29. If I spend my time focusing my energy towards that today, who knows what will actually happen during that timeframe? You can never get too early a head start on your own spiritual awakening and your own graciousness coming to pass. I feel like the death of an old Gangsta Gurry has happened, and a new G is being reborn again. And I’m fucking with that energy.

I want you to stay hydrated today, stay positive, stay aligned, and be thankful for what you have accomplished thus far. Focus on what you can be grateful for today, and what has changed this year for you for the positive. There are so many little things you can be grateful for, and the more you welcome that energy into your life the more you’ll be able to manifest the life that you want.

Shine on, my friends.

Asé. Amen.