Messages All Around.

Salutations. Have you ever just arisen and felt like there were messages coming from all around you? That’s the vibe that I woke up with this morning – after falling asleep super early last night, I woke up remembering a number of my dreams, which I rarely remember.

One had to deal with my mother and her commenting on my weight, and me internalizing it as her calling me fat (which I know is not true). This made me wonder about the projection I have of my own self-image and how comfortable I feel with self. Another dream had to deal with Eid, noticing that yesterday was Eid and lots of my co-workers took off, and I made up some story in my brain in regards to what happens on these days. Another dream dealt with episodes of Bad Girls Club and how that warped my brain around alcohol and standing up for myself and fighting. All these messages have forced me to think about where I am in life and what is happening.

After returning from my weekend, I feel changed. Have you ever had an experience where you felt changed, but knew that love is all around you no matter what? You are the epitome of love, and even though certain circumstances may make you feel like that doesn’t exist or it’s not what it seems, you are filled with love and meant to spread it at all times. It’s a choice on whether or not you want to. It is the one true light in your life, and you have to choose to allow it to resonate with you at all times.

I also have been having trouble with taking leaps of faith and trusting that things will be alright. I have returned to the place that made me sick last year as a job, and even though I’m not working in the same capacity, I’ve been noticing that it’s taking me a long time to adjust and feel good about where I am. I don’t feel at home anymore. I feel like my body is in one place but my soul is in another. Spiritually, I feel like I am not being fed. This is one of the most challenging things that we deal with on a daily basis – whether or not we are in the right place at the right time. Some people call out to their Higher Power for answers. Some people sit and meditate and ask their third eye to help them see the light. Others end their lives because they feel it’s too much to handle. I’m in a space where I want to encourage you to take a leap of faith; this is me speaking to myself as well.


I grabbed an oracle deck to practice reading with, and this is the card I pulled today. It is time for a new beginning and a revolution in your life, as well as my own. You have to remember that everything is working out for the greater good. You have the capacity to make change in your life, but trust and faith is also what is most important in order for you to be successful. It doesn’t look prim and proper always. Sometimes, it’s messy. Sometimes, it’s hard. But at the end of the day, you have the faith to know that you deserve better and don’t feel like you’re at home where you are.

Today, my dice divination was a 5 – this signifies change, inconsistency, freedom, and realignment. I encourage you today to think about realigning yourself and what it looks like to be truly free. What changes do you want to arise in your life? What does your soul want for you? I know today, this is where my mind will be living. I can’t function honestly without thinking about this, and trying to put all the pieces together. I know that you’re probably feeling somewhat of the same shifts, and realize that all of this is coming together for a New Moon that is happening very soon. Everything is shifting and you are the author of your destiny. Just have faith that a new beginning in some regard is what is important for you.

Amen. Asé.


Tarot Pull – 8.15.18 – Seven of Earth

Good afternoon everyone. Today, I want to share today’s tarot pull with everyone. It’s National Relaxation Day (according to miss Twitter), and I’m just going to make this post a short one to share what the energies of the Universe are pushing me to share with you all. (Also, I’m just trying to chill before I start my job back, so I’m going to take this day easy). Remember – I do daily tarot pulls, and you can get your own tarot card reading by contacting me on my “Contact” page if you’re interested in getting your own tarot card readings done. Yesterday, I did about four and each of them were so fulfilling for me and for others. If you feel like any of the tarot pull posts have been helpful for you, you should definitely reach out for your own reading.

I also just bought an Oracle deck, so I’ll start using those pulls soon when I learn how to use the deck properly and feel comfortable sharing it. Be on the lookout!

Anyways, today’s card is the Seven of Earth.


It states that “a man has climbed to the seventh palm after considering that, since it is the tallest or best seen from his viewpoint, it has more fruits. They will not be for him but will be shared with others. The fecund and fertile land by nature will not disappoint him but will allow him to enjoy its richness, and its love will be reflected in what it will give him.”

I’ve always revered the number 7 as a divine number. It’s a number to me that signifies that it’s going to be a great day when I do my dice divination, and also to others its a number of just luck and happiness. It’s a spiritual and sacred number. This reading states that the man has climbed to the seventh palm and has seen that it has more fruits. This makes me feel like he has tried other trees and came up short. He continued to be faithful in his search for fruit, and on the seventh palm tree, he came up rich. It is also important to note that he wasn’t searching for fruit just for himself – he was sharing this with others in order to allow everyone to benefit.

What this pushes me to share with you all is that you have to continue to try and try again when it comes to any action or desire that you have. You may have to try seven times. Hell, you may have to try even more than that. But when you do reach that level of completion and salvation in a sense, make sure that you’re giving back to those that came before you, or those that supported you on your path. The Earth loves when you are spreading positive karma and giving back what you receive from it. Make sure that you are spreading the fruits of your knowledge and your labor today to others, so that way you can be spiritually fed by others when they reach a certain level of greatness. What goes around comes around, right?

The meaning of this upright card is it is “time for harvesting and checking what you have sown, to verify that the palm has been faithful by giving to fruits prodigally, as loyal as helpful as humanity has been to its environment. A person that does not speculate, but who shares and expects the same from his own group.

Have you been giving a lot to others? Have people been sharing that same energy back with you? Take this into account. We can continue to give and give and give, but if you’re not being filled back up, you’re giving from an empty cup and that’s not fair. Yes, we as humans are willing to share and give up a lot for others, but remember that you deserve just as much as you give out. If you’re someone like me who loves to share and give to others on a regular basis, ensure that you are receiving something back in some respect. Check on what you have been giving out to others today, and make sure that you all are being able to share the fruits of each others’ knowledge with one another. This is a person who does not speculate that (s)he is receiving something, but knows that whatever is given out will be received back.

Giving to strangers is okay. I believe truly in karma and how what you give out will come back to you as long as it is done with good intention. You shouldn’t give with expectation of receiving something back. But if you continually give and give without thinking about it, you will deplete yourself. I have fallen prisoner to this before. Remember it’s always polite to show love. It’s in our human nature to give, but the further we stray away from good intentions, the more wickedness will try and come towards us. Also, if we are too available and give way too much, we are able to be taken advantage of. So take inventory of who you are sharing with, and follow your intuition in regards to who you are keeping in your circle and who you are sharing the fruits of your labor with.

Simple actions can be the greatest actions of all. Don’t think that you have to be receiving some large sum of money or some huge position because of what you have given. Sometimes, a simple affirmation is what you need to fill you up – keep this in mind as you go through your day today. Take inventory of whether or not you’re sharing your love, and whether or not what you have given out there to others has been given back to you.

Now, go out there and enjoy the richness of today, and relax, knowing that you are doing the best that you can do every day and you are in a good space. If you need to show a little love to someone today and feel pushed to do such, go ahead. It’s time to give out what you want to receive back. I also hope you are choosing to be kind to yourself today. That’s extremely important on this National Relaxation Day. Remember that the first person you have to love is yourself, because you can’t be well off without being well enough inside.

Amen. Asé.