Here, you can read testimonials from people who have had tarot card readings and oracle card readings done by me.


I requested a reading from Gary on July 13 and it was around the time I was dealing a depression runt and I just wanted to seek a better outcome rather than stewing in sadness, staying in bed and crying. So I reached out to Gary and he explained how it would go and we went from there. Now I will admit I never had a reading done before because I’m not going to just anybody especially someone  who doesn’t know me, so it helped that I already knew Gary and we are also apart of the same zodiac. So the actual reading itself was a treat, the cards and meanings behind them were spot on and aligned with my current situation it was a nice help, I had a meeting with my therapist the following day so it definitely decreased my negative thoughts and energy. I would love to get another reading done I believe they are helpful.

Thank you so much to who sent this. I’m grateful that I was able to be your first reading, and that you were able to start taking steps towards your own personal healing. I’m thankful that Spirit allowed me to be the catalyst to help you rid yourself of your negative thoughts, and I’m always ready for another reading for you. ❤



My reading was exactly what I needed to hear. It honestly resonated with me. You were very warm and easy to talk to so I didn’t need to have a guard up. Something in me told me to get a reading done by you and I’m glad I listened to it.

I appreciate you letting your guard down and allowing me to speak with you! I really loved the time we got to share and I hope that you are able to make the moves that you want to see in your life. You got this – I believe in you.



So id like to start by saying THANK YOU! for your gift/ that reading/ your service/ for being you! i know i threw a lot out at first but you and spirit caught right on to what i needed to know. i have plenty to meditate on in the morning. You truly have a gift and you always keep it 1000 which lets me know how authentic it really is! i cannot wait to manifest all that we spoke on and check back in 2 months. Ase my gangstaguru✨🔮😘


Baby girl! I appreciate you so much for giving me that time and space to speak with you. I’m glad that I was able to even have that time and that two hour conversation was everything. It truly was like an experience I’ve never had before. I’m glad that you allowed me to try something brand new with you and that you were able to get some answers. Thank you for saying I have a gift. I’m glad you affirmed this, and I’m always here to give you what you need. Keep coming back, and thank you for your words. I love you!



“Gary is truly a gifted gem! I’ve met with Gary twice now and I couldn’t have been happier with the experiences. I was immediately put at ease in the very beginning and felt completely comfortable asking questions throughout the reading. His authenticity and intuition are present every step of the way. I loved that he sent me pictures of the cards and allowed me to voice record the sessions, so that I could reflect on them later (something not all tarot card readers allow). I will absolutely be meeting with him again!” 

My sweet angel. You don’t know how much it means to me that you allowed me to have as many sessions with you as we have had. I have felt such a connection to you and us being able to communicate and help each others’ intuition strengthen through time has been such a gift and a blessing. I appreciate you for letting me be my authentic self with my readings, and always being a support of me and my craft. Thank you for being such a huge blessing, and I love you.

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